Alexis Sánchez


Sanchez could be doing his medical and signing his contract right now and Wenger would have no qualms about lying to the media about it.

Wenger isn’t exactly opposed to lying to the media or the fans.


I’d like to think if Sanchez has handed in a transfer request, it’d be too big a thing to hide. Even though Wenger has bent the truth in the past, I’d like to believe he is telling the truth on this occassion.


Informing the club you’d like to leave and handing in a transfer request are not the same thing.


If someone was to dig out some comments from 2011 I’m sure he said similar things.

This is one of the things I don’t really hold against him but we know we can’t trust a word he says.


Wenger’s being rather optimistic with the “he can extend his contract at the start or during the season” bit.


Optimistic or just full of shit?


Pep has mentioned his regret was not having another goalscorer last season and Sam Lee said specifically it was not signing Aubameyang which they had the chance to do.

The general opinion of the journos at the moment is Alexis ends up moving late in the window, I tend to think the same. I think City get desperate because of the lack of alternatives on the market and pay us very well.


A little bit of both probably.


Clearly telling Pep to fuck off :mustafi:


Any time I read things like this, I’m immediately reminded of what was said about Nasri/Cesc, and what subsequently happened.


Whats the difference?


If we go into this season knowing he’s going/could be going at the end, I would actually be quite impressed. Putting pitch matters above boardroom matters.


I can see it now. Our February collapse will be blamed on Alexis’ being announced as a City player and his “head’s gone” and it’s “affected the team” :mustafi:


That can’t happen. You cant do pre contracts for players in the same league.


That’s true, but i hope we have learnt from the past. “You can’t sell your big players and call yourself a big team” :hipster:


IIRC a transfer request is a written document that will have you lose certain bonus payments that are usually being paid over the length of the contract as the player is basically saying that he doesn’t want to fulfill the full length of his contract.


He can always buy out his contract if he’s that desperate to leave (which I don’t believe he is).


The BFG on Alexis

"We have a strong squad and we do not want to lose any players. Even in their final contract year we need them. We cannot afford to lose them. If you’re talking about championships, to keep our best player is key.

“I think he was impressive in the Confederations Cup, he’s now on holiday, so it’s quiet in terms of conversations.

“But he’s a warrior on the pitch. I think he wants to come back as quickly as possible – he hates holidays, he hates to calm down.

“I’m looking forward to playing alongside him in my last season and he thinks the same.”


that’s encouraging to hear that from Per, hope it’s true


Agent Per :per: