Alexis Sánchez


Yeah, if you’re going to blame us not qualifying for the CL on an individual player then Alexis should be at the very bottom of the list. The guy worked his socks off!

If this quote is true and not mixed up in translation then at least it doesn’t sound like he’ll try and force the move.


Wait wait…

He said he will respect the final year of his contract.


Situation is really win/win for Sanchez… he stays one more year and gets massive sign-on and last big contract… maybe he wants to play in the CL, but one year isn’t the end of the world. He is a superstar with Arsenal and beloved - so it will be a nice farewell year.


We sell him for big money to CL team and he gets his footballing preference and STILL gets to negotiate his last big contract - only downside here is that he loses some money in the sign-on perhaps.


Hmm… could be he’s found it hard to find a club to pay his demands.


Or Arsenal’s.


The interview with the questions if someone wants to translate it

Just seen that someone translated it already, doesn’t sound good.


I was being sarcastic. Obviously he’s not to blame for us not qualifying, although I don’t think his attitude helped at times.


That’s a bit vague. Do you have any specific times in mind?


So where is he going to go that guarantees him the CL? Barca dont want him…Bayern he priced himself out of a move RM dont need him and probably wouldnt want him after being an ex barca player, Chavski Manu etc are highly unlikely to win the CL for a long time. Sounds like a bunch of fucking bullshit excuses from Sanchez. Face it he is going for money like all players do and throw in there i wanna win the CL…but then will likely move to City, they wont win the CL before he retires i am quite sure of that. If he goes to Mancity on that excuse he is just a moneygrabbing cunt!


It’s really the first step in the process to enforce a move.


Has he actually said those words about winning the CL himself?


if the quotes above are true then yes

Journalist: "And what decision do you want to make?"
Alexis: “The idea is playing CL and win it. It’s a dream I have since I was a kid”.


Well you can’t win it if you aren’t playing in it… City probably isn’t the right choice, but it offers him higher probability of playing in the CL and winning the CL than with Arsenal in the next 3 years arguably. I think once Bayern pulled out and Barca/Real/PSG aren’t seemingly interested, he is likely going to get stuck with us for another year.


What’s the rest of the interview say? I’d love to win the CL myself and if someone asked me I’d say that too. It just sounds like standard footballer speak to me.


No, he’s not. Manchester City has a genuine chance of winning the Champions League if not the Premier League in comparison with Arsenal. Barcelona, Bayern and Real aren’t going to be the only clubs to win it forever.

Stop changing the narrative about players all the time who are moneygrabbers when they choose to leave. To be really blunt Arsenal is a non-competitive club where players like Sanchez have really no business to be in order to win.


If someone said to you, “Do you want to win the CL?” or something like “what is your ultimate ambition?” then that is what you would say in response.

If someone asked you where you want to play next season, and you say you want to play in and win the CL, it’s a little different I think.

That’s the context I saw the quotes in.

Edit: I hasten to add that I have no problem with him saying that, as long as he doesn’t go full cunt he can go and I’m not holding anything against him.


Fair enough, it was the context I was asking about.


Oh yeah I wasn’t trying to argue or anything :+1:t3:


No fucking way are mancity close to winning the champions league, a club with walker and stones in defense that ship at least 3 goals in a few matches each season. No one can tell me they are close to winning so if Sanchez goes there it’s for money don’t kid yourself about him going for a genuine shot at the do title it’s utter shit!


Sounds to me like he’s prioritising scooping a boatload of money for himself upfront next summer and is willing to waive one year of his career for it. So the charm offensive in its current guise is really kinda a fairly delicate balancing act of letting the world know he wants out without burning his Arsenal bridges just yet. One more year and then come get me Josep.

I thought he would push for the move more than this and Arsenal would be forced into a possible hugely unpopular sale to Man City. Luckily for them Sanchez could stop that decision having to be made