Alexis Sánchez


i have exactly the same bet. :smile:


Give us Crouch in exchange.


The game against Stoke just showed the importance of both Ozil and Sanchez.
Without them this season we would be struggling for a top six place.

Sanchez is arguably the best player in the PL, so we must break any pay structure we have to keep him, and Ozil.

Also, did anyone notice the lack of celebration towards Sanchez after he scored.
He was standing on his own tapping the badge but hardly any other players came over.


His pass for Ozil’s goal :giroud2:

Ok i want him to stay now too.


He truly can’t wait to play Austria Wien :wink:


I expected more chatter about the celebration to be honest.

Would be keen to hear if there an really any other interpretations of it because it certainly looked like a “I’m staying here” gesture to me.


Really? :grimacing:

Was he not just pointing at his foot for about a second? Maybe acknowledging how accurate his shooting is or something?

I can’t quite understand how people can read anything into the briefest of gestures, if by common consent we are aware of just how meaningless the badge kissing is…


You really think that’s a more logical explanation?! haha

Go to 6.50 for the relevant moment.

He pats the badge, then points directly at himself and follows it up by pointing at the ground. These are a series of gestures that he obviously did for a reason, a series of gestures that obviously meant something, I’m just interested in interpreting them. I’m totally willing to accept that it might mean something different, which is why I asked if anyone else had any other interpretations. To be fair you did provide one with the “acknowledging his shooting accuracy” lol, though why you’d choose to make that statement after scoring a deflected goal I’m not quite sure.


Alexis to stoke confirmed.


Announced after we smash Chelsea in the Cup Final. Immenant.


Ok JB well I hope you’re right of course, I’m just hoping you aren’t the kinda guy that sees Jesus’ face in his morning coffee


Does he have a good record at that ground or against Stoke? Could be like a, I own this ground gesture. Then again he could have been making eye contact with a PSG scout and be gesturing to take me south mate.


Yeah I thought it could perhaps be a “this is me, right here, this is what I do” type thing as well.

That’s why I wanted other opinions, for someone to either tell me to get a grip or to give me validation lol

  1. Now he knows it’s Europa League football on the table for him next season, is that his decision made for him?

  2. Does the Wenger stay/go situation override the above in terms of swaying his decision, and if yes, which would be more likely to get him to stay?


I think if Wenger stays then Sanchez will go.
He hasn’t seen us get any better and we still haven’t bought a world class striker for him and Ozil to play alongside
Realistically he knows he is at his peak and is one of the best midfielders in Europe, playing in a side going nowhere.

If he wants to play with other players at his level in the CL, he isn’t going to do that here, so why would he stay?


Chelsea and United have already made this assessment redundunt. And is Alexis a midfielder now?


I know you think he is a striker but Wenger thinks otherwise.

As for Chelsea and Man U, they pay the going rate for the best players and show a level of ambition that we don’t.


You actually think he is a midfielder :arteta:

stop it.


I’m not getting into one of your pointless wind arguments, so I will just say, you think he was bought as a striker and I think he was bought as a midfielder to play wide behind a striker.

I’m not going to try and change your mind and you aren’t going to change mine, so let’s leave it.


Its not a matter of opinion, he isnt a midfielder.