Alexis Sánchez


What is he then?


a forward. I don’t know why this is difficult.



Ah look how happy he is…


Probably just got news of a secured move to Bayern


he’s laughing at that random member of the public in the foreground that somehow snuck into London Colney


Fuck Mbappe and any other striker! Try to keep him even in the Europa League. Offer him Wenger’s house, if it is needed.


But imagine him WITH mbappe :henry2: :cech: :giroud2:


Sell the whole Emirates :henry2:


This sounds like the kind of thing @Persona would do. :per:


Single handedly keeping our season alive. 70 goals for Arsenal in just under three full seasons, impressive stats :sanchez:


What a fucking don.


Guy is so unbelievably good


He will stay


Glad he’s staying as we really do need him to get back into the top 4.


WHAT!? :xhaka:


MM has contacts on the inside, you’ll see :sunglasses:


Is @Midfield_Maestro Gazidis? :mustafi:


All of my Chelsea mates are sending me messages saying shit like “Can’t wait to see Sanchez in blue next season!!!” and “How much do you think you’ll end up taking for Sanchez when we come in for him?”.



Chavksi are like the antisocial scumbag neighbour that wins 100m on a lottery. May be rich but at the same time doesnt make them any less than scum and nasty, just a shitbag asshole with money, fuck chelski!


Did alexis touch the badge and suggest hes staying again? Or is his move to Stoke still on?