Alexis Sánchez


Lol sorry…


You’re grounded, go to your room and think about what you did.




I really hope he stays. It be real difficult for us to replacement someone of his quality. Yes he is petulant at times, but the guy is a born winner. He’s now contributed 31 League goals, more than any other player in the League.


Don’t leave me Alexis :cry:


This guy probably came out the womb swinging and shadow boxing.

Fucking warrior, can’t afford to lose him at all.


Love how he signalled to the bench to come off, but still managed to score a goal before leaving the pitch. What a player!


Yess he’s staying


It’s the hope that kills you isn’t it? :grimacing:


Statistically speaking, it’s usually heart diseases.


Here in the UK we’ve swapped one Western killer for another, it’s actually dementia now.


This thread got really depressing really fast.


The celebrations hopefully confirm his stay, but can’t forget the snake Fabregas kissing the badge celebration either. :neutral_face:


[quote=“Mysty, post:2474, topic:98, full:true”]He’s now contributed 31 League goals, more than any other player in the League.

A stat which means I’ll be bagging forty quid of my mate’s hard earned :smile:


But did he point to the ground like Sanchez? :henry2:


What was the bet? We need to establish how daft your mate is


We had a twenty quid bet from last year (can’t remember what it was now) and I offered him double or quits on who would get more league goals and assists between Alexis and Hazard.

Oh how I got mocked by all the Chelsea boys in the WhatsApp for taking that bet :smile: (even though it isn’t outlandish at all?!)


Seeing as Opta Calum is away, living it large in the Toon, here’s a few other Alexis stats from today :sanchez:

Sanchez became the eighth player to score 50 Premier League goals for Arsenal, with only Thierry Henry (83 games) and Ian Wright (87) reaching the milestone faster than the Chilean (101).

Sanchez is also the first player to record double figures for both goals (21) and assists (10) in the Premier League this season.

The South American also scored his 15th away goal in the Premier League this season - only Kevin Phillips (16 in 1999-00) has scored more in a single campaign.


I’d convinced myself that he was leaving and that I had come to terms with it, but I really haven’t.

Please stay :pensive:

Edit: I made this post before I even saw the celebration


From that celebration, he is either staying at Arsenal; or Stoke has made an incredible swoop for Alexis.