Alexis Sánchez


This season aside, Man City aren’t really a rival in our perpetual quest for top 4.

If we sold him to Everton though, imagine the scenes then.


Just blew my mind


It wasn’t working though, we continually had no one in the box because of Alexis vacating the striking position.


LOL check out our average goals scored this season per game with Alexis at CF compared to when he’s not.


Do you have a list that includes games he’s been on the wing? Because if you remove your best forward you will score less.

And the things is Alexis never played as a CF he played as a false 9 and it only worked when Theo would run in behind. Without Theo it didn’t work.

Also compare the amount of goals Alexis scored while Welbeck was CF when he first arrived and how many he scored with other CFs, it was one of the best phases of his Arsenal career.

Then there’s the possibility that Alexis has taken his bat home and packed his bags already





I thought Rooney signed a 300k a week deal on his last contract?


Either Rooney won’t be at Man United next season or we’re offering £300,001 :grin:


Darren‏ @DarrenArsenal1 - Replying to @JamesOlley
To say that the offer is wages is somewhat incorrect in that regard.

@James Olley‏
Of course it’s heavily structured like any deal of this size is. ‘Weekly wage’ is almost always shorthand.

Darren‏ @DarrenArsenal1
Virtually all big deals structured to include single use rights. Which is different to standard rights. No player at AFC currently has this

James Olley‏ @JamesOlley
Quite. Bottom line is the club have made a huge move to try and keep him. Up to the player now.

Darren‏ @DarrenArsenal1 - Replying to @JamesOlley
The offer as presented includes all Images/Licensing rights like Rooney which allows AFC to recoup a large chunk of this Olley.


Jesus @arsenescoatmaker couldn’t you have cleaned that post up a bit? :smiley:


So this James Olley guy reckons we are about to abolish our formiddable wage structure? Not if Wenger is in charge.


and just like that, a ray of sunlight.


Jim White saying “northwards of 250,000” too


Until you realize we have an American owner where the model for franchises that don’t really care about winning titles is to waste all of your money on one star and cheap out everywhere else.


If the contract offer is true, it will be interesting to see if Alexis sells his soul for money or still has the ambition to head elsewhere and win things. I have my doubts as to if the offer is true though, isn’t around season ticket renewal time ?


so basically you want our best players to leave then? I dont want to lose our best players if he decides to leave no one can stop him…but to put it like that is plain crap, you think any other fans would respond like that as regards their best players, not even the dirty spuds act like that they generally want their best players to stay not make remarks basically putting the club in a catch 22…if he stays he stays for money only, if he leaves thats the clubs fault for being ambiotionless. Cant win with an attitude like that, you are basically saying we should not keep our best players but what happens if we are trying to be ambitious but its wenger thats holding us back?


If your offering 300 grand wages you can get a lot of top players interested in playing for you.
If were offering that you going to be able to replace Sanchez. But I seriously doubt thats been offered.


How dumb do people think ST holders are? Most people renew because going to the Arsenal is an intrinsic part of who they are not because of who we might sign or what stories are circulating in the media.

In a world where the club sells out most games and then runs a ticket exchange and you still have tourists paying over the odds to touts on match days after all the years of our (relative) plateauing the idea that the club is feeding the media lies to try get season ticket holders to renew is pretty ridiculous.


What I want is for us the abolish the wage structure as a whole as sign quality players around him also on big money, get rid of the manager and get Allegri and Simeone. I get the feeling if this is true its only a one off to appease Alexis and the rest of the structures will remain in place.