Alexis Sánchez


Giroud…lol! I’m only playing. RVP to me is legendary, at the time he was probably almost impossible to replace. A cunt for going to Utd but was my favourite player at the time. Sanchez although a good pkayer, doesn’t have the same impact as RVP did.


To be honest, when we did sign Podolski I got a boner, I thought he was a quality signing when announced but that didnt last long. I got an even bigger boner when we signed Ozil then Sanchez!! But that didnt really last too long. At the time, we sign a lot of players that are quality and expectations are very high. When they dont deliver, that is the time when most say we shouldv’e signed a quality palyer. A lot of people including myself is guilty of this.


Wenger has just come out and said he doesn’t understand the anxiety from fans regarding Sanchez contract situation. I suppose that makes sense considering he never sold RVP or Nasri to direct rivals when they had only 1 year to run on their respective deals.


I think the only contract we’ve extended from this kind of position in the last 6 years is Theo Walcott who most certainly will not be a target for Chelsea and PSG.

Waiting until the summer is the oldest trick in the book. Players that want to stay are perfectly able to sign a contract between August and May and what a fucking almighty boost it would be for the rest of the season if it was announced before tomorrow’s game that he’d signed on for 4 years? Probably far more beneficial than the distraction of talking about a deal mid season would be detrimental.

They’ll be on international duty until the end of June, then they’ll be on holiday until mid/late July, then it’s 5-6 weeks to get everything sorted. In the the meantime I’m sure his agent will be working overtime.


Do you have any references for any of that?


I reckon Alexis would only agree to 4 years, maybe he always intended to be a pit stop at Arsenal knowing a bigger more successful richer club would probably come in for him.


Alexis needs to play as striker because we play much better with him as false 9 and his weakness are limited than when he plays on the left with more pressure, more players to dribble, less space.


Conte said: “You know I don’t like to speak about other players of other clubs. It’s disrespectful for the other club and, above all, for my players. It’s not the right moment to speak about this."

He’s off isn’t he. We can’t compete on wages/signing on fees. I just hope we get a good replacement. We should have gone for Payet in January. Mbappe seems out of reach, it sounds like Lacazette is off to Atletico. Maybe we can sign Mahrez or Belotti or Dolberg


Sanchez didnt celebrate any of the goals. Clearly unhappy here.


No one of our players celebrated the goals they scored, tbh.


We absolutely can compete with wages and fees tbhm


He celebrated the goal against City and insisted other players to celebrate also.



Surprised there’s been no activity in here considering all them reports on Man City wanting him. The scenes if we sell him to a rival club lol.


Btw why isn’t he being played as a striker anymore ? :joy:


Probably cause iwobi has fallen out of favor and we’ve got nobody else that can play on the left. Perez maybe? He’s not on Wengers radar either though.


Can’t Welbz play on the left ? Wenger has just dismantled one of the few things that was actually working for us :joy:


It really is terribly absurd when you think about it. Iwobi wasn’t even on the bench for the last game. It’s like King Midas in reverse.


I guess if you shoehorn him in there. He tried theo and ox there too and it didn’t work out so well.


At least Alexis was working well up front though :joy:. No need to self sobotage that.