Alexis Sánchez


Not to mention isnt there a waiting list that takes years to finally get a season ticket?


How could you not lost your soul when committed as a professional athlete nowadays?
You either chase money, or fame, or trophies. Nobody participates just because of pure inner satisfaction and not getting any physical reward.


But doesnt that seem to be what is happening? If reports are true and Sanchez is been offered 250k+ i would say that is breaking up the wage structure, the manager may stay or may not but sure as fuck are phasing his regime out, If the overmars stuff is true we will be getting a DOF and new wage structure changes and the people on the board did say there will be big changes this summer…who knows maybe they are actually telling the truth. May not be MASSIVE changes like 6 world class players coming in BUT it is a massive shift getting rid of the BS structures we have and getting key staff members in and maybe clearing out a lot of this shit it definitely seems like the wenger regime is being phased out!


We are arguably the biggest story around at the moment and its all idol journalism and nothing else so far.
Really would not read anything into any of this at the moment.


If any of this turns out to be anything more than idle chatter then yes, that seems to be the case.


Doubt many would renew their STs because sanchez might stay… Although the club do usually roll out the war chest statement around this time… But me i(when i had one)bought my ST because its Arsenal and they are my team. And their isnt one player in this current team that would make me buy my ST because they were staying…
This team has no heroes… But then again im not 12 anymore even though sometimes i may act as if i am…


I think the no heroes thing is harsh on Alexis. He never gives up and sure he can be too selfish and ineffective at times but look at him for Chile, surrounded by players with a similar attitude even if their quality overall is inferior to arsenals current squad, but there’s only so much one player can do (obviously Thierry, db10 and van persie are extreme examples of world class players and are all above Alexis, but he’s still done more for your club than anyone since he arrived).


God damn it man. Gimme back my ray of sunlight and happiness


Right, so if this massive contract talk is actually credible, then the club are absolutely bricking it at the prospect of losing our most valuable player.

If the club are willing to break the wage policy for Sanchez, they must have come to the realisation that losing him during this difficult period will be absolutely detrimental for our short-term future. If we were to lose him, plus change manager, plus no Champions League, plus also potentially losing Ozil; cumulated would be too much “change” to deal with and could see us really spiral.

Despite his petulance sometimes, I’d just say give him what he wants. He is not a lazy player and is also our highest goal scorer for three seasons running now (hope that’s correct, haven’t checked but can assume so). Not to mention real world class talent is incredibly hard to come by unless are sitting on a fortune in the bank. If we were to replace him, who’s to say the player coming in wouldn’t want 250k anyway. It makes sense to give him what he wants, if he is happy to still play for the club that is.

Saying that though, securing Sanchez’ contract isn’t enough. We need genuine quality additions for Sanchez and Ozil to work with. Imagine having say four world class players on the pitch as opposed to two, would bolster our team immensely and give the younger players a boost in education.


As is typical with this club if it’s true it’s coming all too late, no fucking foresight whatsoever.

Alexis seems to have mentally checked out, if they would have made the push to tie him down last season during the title “challenge” and before the inevitable collapse it may have worked.

Now he just seems to be disillusioned, money isn’t going to be any kind of deciding factor here.


Even if it’s not about season tickets and even if it’s not true it’s great PR to let the fans know that we were willing to show the “ambition” required with the offer.

If it is true and he doesn’t sign, I wonder if he’d have signed it if it was on the table 12 months ago. Right now he has every reason to wait 6 weeks and see what offers come in whereas 12 months ago he’d be turning down an extra £110k a week for a year to hold out until the following summer.


Odds are that he has options and an idea of where he’d like to go (if anywhere) already. He’s too good a player for clubs not to be speaking with him & his reps already, likely had clubs reaching out months ago.


Agree with Craigie, no-one’s gonna turn that money down (if genuine) under usual circumstances, but of course our hand was that much stronger this time last year

We can attempt to price Munich and Juventus out of the market on wages, while telling him flat out that he’s not going elsewhere in England, which would leave PSG handily placed


I think if he was waiting for us to make some world class signings last season and to see if we could seriously challenger for the PL and CL, and nothing he has seen this season will have changed his mind.

Since he arrived here we haven’t bought any world class players that he could play alongside, and at his age and the fact he is at his peak, he probably has realised, like everyone else, that Wenger isn’t going to.

From the clubs point of view, they realise that it would be a PR disaster if we couldn’t keep him or Ozi,l and that to replace him would be far more expensive than giving him 250k a week.

Sanchez is just another top quality player who has realised we are a club happy to drift around aimlessly in fourth place with a manager and board content to make a massive profit every season, with very little investment in the sort of players that Sanchez and supporters deserve.

Most people in business, and sport, learn from their mistakes.
Wenger and the board don’t.
That is why they have no one to blame but themselves, and their indecisiveness and tight fisted approach has proved to be a false economy.

For Wenger it will be seen as an admission of defeat.
For Kroenke, he couldn’t care less.
For the supporters, we lose our best player, and also know that he won’t be adequately replaced, but we have seen it all before.

The difference is, we have to watch spurs, Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Man City and possibly Everton overtake us.
All we have done is overtake Leicester, and even they could still qualify for the CL.

Another wasted season thanks to Wenger and Kroenke.


Again, history repeats itself, and everything was written on the wall…




Not a fucking scooby how your supposed to access MDC anymore


Scroll to the top and click matchday chat.


Gonna miss Alexis :pensive:


What I don’t get is why players of other clubs can’t be unsettled. The last player we kept of any note (blissfully ignoring Walcott a couple of seasons ago when he thought he could hold us to ransom after Liverpool supposedly came a-knocking) was Vieira. Two or three close seasons and we were fretting. However, we kept him. Moreover, in the summer of 2001, we placated him. We signed Inamoto, Richard Wright, Jeffers, van Bronckhorst and a world class acquisition in Campbell. We’ve done nothing of the sort in a summer ever again.

Manchester United have had Rooney put in a transfer request. Twice. They kept him (even though, by their high standards, they’ve been through a barren spell in terms of trophies for the last seven years)

Spurs. They win nothing. Nothing. Yet they look like they’re going to comfortably keep Kane, Alli and their manager, even if they end up without any silverware. When it does come to selling, they maximise the deal such that they profit from it. Bale became the second most expensive player in the world. We sold Henry for 16mil…in the same summer Spurs signed Darren Bent for the same value. We sold van Persie for a measly 22.5mil in a summer when he was considered the 3rd best player in the world behind Messi and Ronaldo. Just sickening