Alexis Sánchez


Jon Le Gossip sounds like a name I can trust


:joy: tbf it’s not his story. Because it doesn’t embed twitter on here properly it doesn’t post the quoted tweet


Best move from a fans’ perspective imo. If indeed he wants to move from us, we’re not wary of his intentions at all however, it is the most neutral destination he could go to. Letting him move elsewhere in the PL would be ludicrous.


From his point of view, he is one of the PL’s best players, and is easily our best and most influential player, so he has realistically come to us and watched most other top players at the best teams at least try and compete while he has seen us stagnate.

He is at his peak and probably resents how we have lacked in any ambition.

I would love to know what Wenger says to players like him and Ozil, when he signs them, and whether there were any promises that he made to them that weren’t kept.
I can’t imagine either would have chosen us if they knew how uninspiring our transfer windows were going to be.


I with you here . I can honestly see him signing again.



for fucks sake I thought we were passed the stage of our players wanting to join our rivals.


clickbait BS


Save the crying emojis for a story with a shred of substance to it mate :slight_smile:


Matt Law during the last 90 days linked Lukaku, Barkley, Llorente, Gordon, Kessiè, Morata and now Alexis to Chelsea (plus Cesc Fabregas to AC Milan for 30M).

Matt Law loves the clickbaiting :eyes:


Cesc would have to pay us that money. For the “privilege” of not being at a cunty team.


Why do you believe everything you read?


Telegraph Sport is just Sport Mail without the army of troll commenters, sadly. Used to be better


I do believe Chelsea want him. Will we cave in and sell him is my big worry.


I’d take 30m from PSG over 60m from Chelsea but we know the board doesn’t feel that way


its so obvious this story comes from that poorly translanted interview.

@Calum strap a pair on ffs.


I agreed to this at first. But then I thought we could get a quality player for 60m. Chelsea have a good side already so adding Sanchez would not be much of a difference. I do like Sanchez but we have always found another good player to replace a good player we have lost. Replacing a Legendary player though is a different story, Sanchez is not that.


We could’ve got a quality player for the 24m we got for van Persie, we got Giroud and Podolski. We could have got a quality player with the 25m we got for Nasri, we got Gervinho and Chamberlain :per:

But seriously, if he is to be sold, is he going to add much to Chelsea? They already look like a 88-90 point team. People have slated him as a CF for vacating the box, nobody else seems to want him behind a striker and personally I’ve started to go off him a bit as a winger where he’s not involved all the time. Chelsea will probably buy someone good anyway, so if they would pay 20m more than other clubs it might not be as tragic as I might of thought a few weeks ago.

Lets face it, this season we’re competing with Chelsea about as much as we were competing with United in 11/12. In the short term we’re looking to overcome United, Spurs, Liverpool before we’re fighting with Chelsea and City and we’re probably about to go into another"transition phase" anyway.

I keep changing my mind on all this Sanchez/Ozil in/out keep/sell bollocks, its driving me mad.


Have we?


Who was the top quality replacement for RVP ?


Im the same, I keep changing my mind with Sanchez.

We havent always directly replaced a good player with another. But what I meant was we do always find good players through the years. We have good players every season, even great players! Just not a great team every season.