Alexis Sánchez


if he goes, i want us to get someone like Belotti for striker fucking use Perez for the left wing get a new right winger ozil behind the striker along with James Rodriguez in midfield…that will somewhat appease me, but we could have barcas team and finish 4th so i feel it doesnt matter if we strip out the entire team and replace with WC talent we wont get anywhere with this manager


Torino’s owner asked for 100+ mil for Belotti… don’t think we are willing to pay half of the price…
You are right, we can have Barca and still finish 4th.
Wenger just deserve a team like this:
Ospina - Jenks - Gabriel - Kos - Gibbs - Jack - Coq - Theo - Ramsey - Ox - Giroud
A 4th place team.


Thats a 6th to 10th place team in this day and age, 4th place team if it was 2012.


That’s a 4th place team in the MLS, or the Turkish Süper Lig - maybe.


I believe Wenger can work better with a so-and-so team.
He had so-and-so teams after the Emirates move, and he could give you consistent 4th or better.

Less pressure, less expectations, he can make the team overperform and overachieve.
You are right, my suggested team was good enough back in 2012.

MLS is so bad that Landon Donovan ( edited, I wrote Jason Donovan) and Robbie Keane can play till 50.
Besides Besitkas, I don’t think there is another serious team in Super lig, not even Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.


Must be proper shit if Jason Donovan is getting a game. I hope he serenades the team at half time :grin:


sorry, I fucked up…

should be Landon Donovan…

Old man, bad memories…

next time I will mix up Gordon Ramsay (chef) and Aaron Ramsey


His song “Universal Soldier” is as important today as it was back when it was written.


Best case scenario is him respecting his contract - which it does sound like he might - alongside us having an AMAZING summer and bright start to 17/18 season.

Hopefully that tricks him / Ozil into signing before our February implosion.


At least Palace is better than him going to Chelsea…




^ Or fucking N17.



Wenger stay, Sanchez out… that’s the worst scenario…


PSG would be inoffensive. We could just call him a moneygrabbing cunt then rather than a traitorous moneygrabbing cunt.


he is gone, he is a journeyman he never seems to stay anywhere more than a few years, seems after a few years his attitude starts to become problematic and people dont want to play with him anymore, even barca didnt wanna keep him.


Some would kill to have the career this supposed “journeyman” is having.

He left Barca as they had just purchased Suarez and was the best move for all parties, as for him being problematic that’s just BS.

Says more about the mugs at this club than Sanchez if they they don’t want to play with him, he’s a winner whereas they’re just happy to collect wages and be mediocre.


i didnt say he was shit, but his attitude doesnt seem to be that good…and he does go from club to club whether people like to admit it or not.


Messi has his character
Ronaldo has his character
Ibra has his character

Pogba, Griezmann, almost every top athlete has character.
It is perfect scenario if the player can blend in, but it is also the club, the manager to well handle the player.
A “big” club like Arsenal, a big name manager like Wenger, should be able to take good care of player’s character and attitude.

If we can’t handle Sanchez just because of his character/attitude, we can forget to get any top player and his service for long.


Going from club to club is typical for the modern day footballer, obviously some more than others however the days of single club footballers are pretty much done.

He has ambition and this alleged top club can’t match it, simple.


Why would he stay at Udinese if he could join Barca? Why would he stay at Arsenal if he could join PSG? You can’t blame him for any of his career moves and he’s not the first great player to be surplus to requirements at the Spanish giants.

The biggest scandal here is that we only convinced him to agree to a 4 year deal. Marquee signings should be 5 like Ozil was, then there would be no issue with him and he’d definitely be staying next year. The only reason these players leave is because we give them the chance to. There was no talk whatsoever of van Persie, Ozil, Nasri or Sanchez leaving at any stage until it became clear that they could have the easy way out if they hang on and go into their final year.