Alexis Sánchez


It makes no sense in the way that Wenger went on to defend his decision the day after as a tactical decision, but with Wenger I’m never really sure he really cares too much about what he gives the media. So there’s obviously that but at the sime time Pires could have just went with the official line and completely denied anything happen. Not that it’s really going to change too much at this point but yea, a little backing wouldn’t have hurt in all honesty.


Walcott has been here over a decade and in that time you’ve hardly heard a peep from him. Despite him being an average/slightly above average player during his time, his professionalism has never been in question. Always looked to keep in shape and come across well in interviews.

For him to speak up about this must mean there’s some truth in it. I’m inclined to believe him over Pires on this one, maybe Pires doesn’t see all on the training ground.

Alexis doesn’t help his case either with his child like behaviour at times. He clearly rates himself above everyone else, and rightly so in a way but shouldn’t give him reason to be a dick to everyone if it’s the case. Granted he is a proper winner, but you need stay humble as well without disrupting the dressing room, its part of being professional.

If Alexis is genuinely unhappy then just put in a transfer request and fuck off, no need for nonsense. Yes he is massive for us but we can’t have individuals thinking they run the show, you’ll get nowhere like that.


And We know that don’t we ? Arsene Wenger has been running the show for how many years ?


Thats the managers job though


Yes and No, The manager should also have people that questions his decisions in certain aspects but at Arsenal we don’t have that, he just does as he pleases with no consequences.


Aa = Aaron Ramsey

Ramsey lol. Fuck off yeah. Imagine having the audacity to argue with Alexis.


It would be great if it did get heated between these players. Most telling thing to come out of all of this stuff is Theo saying “you don’t see it at Arsenal”.


Anyone have listened what Pirès said before the game, yesterday?

A bad tackle on Alexis has sent the chilean out of head, left the training session. Koscielny returned into the dressing room and talked (probably with animosity) with him.


So that’s two players Ramsey will have helped eliminate from the picture (RvP, Alexis). He really is a silent assassin.


I remember two potential fights between van Persie and Walcott. One after the Amsterdam tournament and one during the halftime of a NLD.


Yup, said as much in his book…

“When we got back into the dressing room at the break, Robin made it obvious he wasn’t happy. And I was the reason he wasn’t happy. I wasn’t passing the ball enough, apparently. I wasn’t being a team player, apparently. I was intent on being an individual, on playing for myself, apparently.

“It wasn’t the first time he’d had a go at me. During the Amsterdam Tournament (2007) he accused me of wasting the ball and ignoring him when he thought I should have passed to him. He was pretty hyped up because he was on home soil and he wanted to put on a good show in front of his countrymen. He didn’t like it when I ignored what he was saying.

‘I am never ever going to pass you the ball again!’ he yelled at me.

‘You’re a big man then, aren’t you!’ I responded.

“Robin wanted to fight me there and then, and it was the same in the dressing room at the Emirates during the game against Spurs. He was shouting at me and he went absolutely nuts. There were people holding him back because he wanted to get at me. I think part of the reason Robin got so angry was that he was surprised I had answered him back in front of everyone else. He wasn’t having any of it.

“There was no lingering resentment on my part and none on Robin’s. Exchanges like that happen at football clubs all the time.”

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@Persona but I never read a fight between Robin and Ramsey. Van Persie wasn’t happy to play with him and the desire to convince Van der Vaart to join us was high, but I don’t remember or know about a fight.


If you type Ramsey into google and then start typing ‘van Persie’ one of the suggestions is “Ramsey punched van Persie”. No results show up about him punching him though. Strange.

I honestly don’t remember anything about a fallout between van Persie and Ramsey either.


The suggestion at the time, if I recall correctly, is that van Persie thought Ramsey was shit and hated playing with him. EDIT: I see you guys have already covered this.


The Dutch ace is also quoted revealing his attempts to convince his Netherlands teammate Rafael Van der Vaart to join Arsenal prior to his move to the Gunners’ archrivals Tottenham.

“ “Would you like to come and play for us?” Van Persie had asked him. Van der Vaart, then out of favour at Real Madrid, had not believed his ears. With Van der Vaart on the left, Van Persie would know exactly when and where to expect the ball,” wrote Spaan.

“Unfortunately, Wenger didn’t believe in Van der Vaart, even though he would have cost just £8m – peanuts when compared with Arshavin’s £15m. Van der Vaart joined Arsenal’s archrivals, Spurs, in 2010 and has since scored four goals against Arsenal. In one game at White Hart Lane, he put the ball through the legs of his opposite number at Arsenal, Jack Wilshere, twice in 10 seconds, then stuck out his tongue at him.”

Jack Wilshere is not the only Arsenal midfielder to come in for some criticism from Van Persie’s friend and countryman – Aaron Ramsey is described by the journalist as having a ‘deficient view of the game and meagre statistics’ and Spaan also questions manager Arsene Wenger’s loyal and fierce protection of the Welshman who is currently the Gunners’ top goal scorer this season.

The view in general from Van Persie’s friend since he was a teenager seems to be that Fabregas’ departure was a huge blow to the striker as well as the club as a whole and the youngsters intended to step up in his absence did not achieve that aim – Arsenal fans now may think Van Persie, if these claims are true, should have perhaps waited another season to make his assessment. Especially given the recent arrival of Europe’s best playmaker in Mesut Ozil this summer.


This is the complete article:

Imagine a midfield composed by Arteta and Van der Vaart :heart_eyes:


Pretty concise and precise description of Ramsey, there (minus 13-14 of course). @A.F. :wink:


I swear, as I read those words I thought “AC is going to absolutely love that description” haha


That’s a great article about RVP.
I’ve never understood the animosity towards him and Cesc from Arsenal supporters.
All they did is what any top player would do when playing at a club that didn’t meet with their ambitions.

Exactly the same is going to happen to Sanchez and Ozil.
They have both realised Wenger is never going to surround them with true world class talent they deserve, so they will; have to look for a club that will.


spot on mate

cant really hate the players if they leave because promises are not kept or they can move onto a club with more hopes of winning medals every player wants to win trophy’s and medals and sanchez and ozil wont be doing that here unfortunately