AFC Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (PL)


what do you mean? attacking subs, score three goals, individual mistakes at the back makes it a draw. How were we not trying to win it?


that’s us fucked cos elnenys off an xhaka’s a liability right now


Shit game because of many factors. I start to mention the two days between two games. If the federation want to see another italian champion, they are free to manipulate the league, but I will not watch a single game, because I don’t want to waste my time watching a farce. It’s impossibile, phisically and mentally, to play TWO LEAGUE GAMES IN TWO DAYS. Fucking hell, why the Premier League is considered the best league in the World if there are old laws applicated by fucking idiots? It’s a fucking disgrace to not have a fucking winter break to recover the better condition.

The second aspect to analyze is the partnership composed by Coquelin and Xhaka. They are a disgrace when they play togheter. Especially Granit, is totally useless and looks idiot when he plays the away games with Coquelin behind him. Ramsey not better. If next summer a foreign club will try to sign him, I’m ready to pay his fly from London to the new country. I’m fucking tired of his weakness and of his volubility. He played an acceptable second half, but is useless if the first has been not better than a performance of a sunday pub league player in hangover. Like him, Bellerìn has played his worst game with our shirt and Mustafi. The german wasn’t 100% focused on the game, phisically and mentally. Wilson has nutmegged him during many times.

Thumbs down for him, for Bellerìn, for Coquelin, for Ramsey, for Granit, for Iwobi, for Oxlade. I save Alexis Sanchez. 400k to help him to sign new contract are very less because he plays for him and for another three or four players. Should be right to offer him a wage around 800k. He is the Arsenal, without him we’re nothing. We have an Alexis dependece. We started to play well when he changed position form the left flank to the center of the pitch. He is a creator, he is very good on the left but is lethal in the center. Right to put Giroud on attack, but Alexis needs to play in the center. I would like to see him behind the striker with Lucas on the left. The spaniard is intelligent, is smart, is capable to score goals and to run into the space. He deserves a chance.

However, same old words for Giroud. Double assist, a great goal scored and an useless celebration who wasted important time.

Tomorrow could be good a 0-0 between Spurs and Chelsea.


At what minute number does a football match usually start at for you? I’m curious.


you seem more whingy than curious tbh. You know my answer, now you answer me.


I already did.


What’s the point of complaining about this? We know very well there is no winter break in England and it’s not going to change.


Thanks god Koscielny is not too bad, but now we are really short in midfield.


yes but two days between two games is worst than 5 days between two games.


the festive games is what makes the PL so good. They will never take away it as it’s an British tradition that everyone loves.


I wonder if people would have complained about Chelsea’ schedule if they had another season like last season.


Fuck off to the tradition. Barclays Premier League accepted to sell the clubs to criminals, where were the traditions? We’re a football league, not a fucking old family!!


You just don’t get it.


Leave Xmas alone. First 2 weeks in January. Everybody is happy.


Spot on @Maxi_Gooner. Just look at how shit were the big teams this week. Liverpool dropped points, we dropped 2 as well, while United were outplayed by West Ham, but Mike Dean came to rescue them.


I agree with this. The league lost any sense of tradition it had many years ago. It’s time to do away with that outrageous fixture list through the festive period.


Apart from the FA cup traditionalists. :slight_smile:


Bugger them. :wink:

Hmm… A week later wouldn’t make much of a difference. I just hope they don’t touch the boxing day fixture is all.


meh… the fixture list wasn’t why we drew.


Spurs played on 28th, then 1st and tomorrow. Lucky cunts.