AFC Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (PL)



Arsenal made Premier League history as they came back from three goals to seal an extraordinary comeback.

Arsenal had previously been three goals behind in the Premier League on 27 occasions and never before have they salvaged a draw or won from such a position.

28th time lucky for Arsene Wenger’s team.


Great comeback, but if you want to be considered one of the best teams in the league it’s absolutely criminal to go down 3-0 to Bournemouth.

Said it time and time again, start hard and fast against us and we wobble like no tomorrow. Hardly the message you want to be sending the rest of the league.


That common phrase :grin:




So who predicted in the match day thread wed be 3 down at half time.
Come on its a factor but we pretty much coasted the palace game. We were not that fucked. If so wed have had no finish in us.
Dumb comment by the manager to talk about tiredness before a game too.
Players tap into them things.


West brom, palace at home and Bournemouth is pretty decent fixtures though in that time frame.
Liverpool had city and spurs have chelsea so it evens itself out and actually favoured us game wise.


Mmmm seem to remember Arsenal playing 4 times in 10 days once saturday league match to ???weds home to juve cup winners cup semi ,saturday fa cup semi ,monday bank holiday away to spurs with 6 reserves and alan scored again !!! who needs rest when your winning ? 1980 read your history and learn maxi u whining wimp !


Liverpool haven’t played a single european game.


So what. We are talking about christmas fixtures.


Well that was quite a roller-coaster, but in the end the result is not disaster but definitely disappointing… more worrying was the diabolical play and defending and lack of overall organization… I couldn’t watch the entirety due to work, but what I DID see was them waltzing into our pen area every few minutes and looking like they might score.

Was feeling pretty good after the Crystal Palace match but that was short-lived… was hoping we could pick up points on Chelsea and/or Spurs this week but now best case we remain even with both or get one point back on Chelsea while losing 2 to Spurs… could be another of those “wow, had we just picked up 2 more points here or there” kind of games in retrospect in May.


People will look at this 2 ways, 1. Anytime your 3 goals behind its a good effort to get some thing out of the game or 2. When you are 9 points off the pace you can’t afford to be dropping points against teams such as Bournemouth.


And it’s an absolute coin toss which one you chose :smiley:


There’s only one logical way to look at it though.


If your delusional and thought we could win the league ,well now you know we wont. If your one of the more pragmatic dissapointed its a point won and youl be glad of the virtual reality trophy polish your cousin bought you for christmas . If your on arsenalfan TV its medication time !


A typical Arsenal performance under Wenger during the Emirates era really. When the pressure is put on they bottle it. Yeah they came back and pulled a point out of a dismal performance. But let’s not beat around the bush here, this side isn’t good enough to win titles and never was. The first half performance was disgraceful but not shocking really. Chelsea game aside and the odd one here or there, when has this side really played well from the first minute to the end.

Bellerin had his worse game in a Arsenal shirt, we really need a back up for him that’s of quality. Xhaka for all the good he brings has some crazy moments that hopefully will go away. Mustafi shouldn’t have played. Ramsey slows our game down. Cech isn’t the same top class keeper, still very good though. Alexis, Lucas and Giroud really were good in the last 20 minutes. Bournemouth were fantastic for 70 minutes of the game really and deserved the win.

I think the league is gone, so lets forget it unless a miracle happens. We should be worrying about top 4 now, give the CL a go and even the FA Cup (wouldn’t be surprised if he rested a lot of players for these games), so Wenger can leave with some pride cause I can’t see him signing a new contract after blowing the league again. We need a change badly.


If you regard yourself as a big club its pretty obvious what way you should look at it so yeah.



As far as the performance I couldn’t give less fucks that we came back to draw. Disgusted that we got down by 3 goals to this bottom table team. Xhaka isn’t a bad player but he maybe one of the dumbest I’ve ever seen, not a brain in his beautifully handsome face. Bellerin, I just don’t know what the fuck he was doing half the match and having Ramsey playing is just asking for an embarrassing result. That Xhaka Ramsey partnership is trash. However the biggest disappointment was that we were just simply second best all over the pitch. The cherries worked hard and we didn’t match their intensity.


Typical Arsenal- always some kind of redeeming factor to mask a shit outcome.

Nobody would have been happy with a draw before the match but coming from 3-0 down is a result of sorts.
Just as nobody wanted to finish second in the league to fucking Leicester last year but overtaking the spuds at the death was seen (by some) as a result.

Then there’s all the times we’ve crashed out the CL but put in a good second leg performance to soften the blow. We’re such a nearly team.


Either this was a brilliant result because we came back from being three goals down, to get a single point against Bournemouth.

Or, what’s going on that we are three goals down against Bournemouth and only got a point in a game that some on here thought would be easy, or routine.


It should have been fairly routine / easy and typically you could replay this game 10 times and we would probably win each of them.

All three of their goals were really odd.