2016/17 FA Cup


Don’t fancy Chelsea in a final after they’ve been crowned champions and had a 90 point season.


The most important game in 2014 wasnt the final I swear it was actually City loosing at home to Wigan in the quarters with us playing the winner at Wembley. I always thought there was about a 10% chance of us beating City given how we and they were playing at the time. No such luck to hide behind this time.

Whoever we play it will be fucking impressive if we win it.


Luck is on your side on this occasion. We definitely won’t be playing Chelsea in the final.

It’s a sad time in football, when you’re in the semi final of the FA Cup and the other 3 teams hope they get you


That wa the point I was getting at @hassassin, like as in when was the last time we made it to a semi final and were the definite outsiders on current form out of all 4 sides


Even though I agree, it sounds so sad when you say it like that. we’re Arsenal! Why should we be outsiders? We are bloody FA Cup gods!

We have a good recent record at Wembley too FYI - unlike Spurs :speak_no_evil:

So yeah, fuck them all, let’s do this!


Because 4 of the 5 teams left have all put 5 or more by us in recent seasons and the other we have only beaten once since 2013/14


We can play anyone. Guardiola isn’t invincible yet, nor are Spurs (hopefully no Kane really hits them). I wouldn’t fancy our chances against Chelsea but its still possible. Anything can happen at Wembley. I don’t think we’ll roll over like we have in other games.


Calum, I was looking for a bit more positivity. Buzz Killington!


We’ve won our last 6 at Wembley right? Two semis, two finals and two community shields.

We are the team to fear. We are the side to be avoided. Bring it on


What an inspirational post to read on the way into work. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TODAY.


I’m the kind of cunt that would pick at the obvious holes in this logic but you know what, I’m not going to! If we’re going to fuck the league and champs we can at least get excited about being in the semis of the FA cup. For once we’ll actually play a decent team at Wembley and I don’t think we’ll be embarrassed by anyone so we should be looking forward to it.


Liverpool got 90 points when they won the title and lost to Wimbledon in the final.
Reason to be cheerful on a shitty monday before work.


Seriously though - what is actually the best case scenario in this draw? Get Chelsea now and knock them out (:joy:) get Spurs? Or is a North London Derby final better? Man City seem best for me but that might just be because I hate them the least, plus whatever happened, it would mean there defo wouldn’t be a Chelsea v Spurs final.


1 City beat Chelsea, we beat Spurs, we beat City.

2 Spurs beat City, we beat Chelsea, we beat Spurs.

3 there is no 3.


Beating Chelsea in the semis and Spurs in the final…

That would save my season. Especially if we finish 5th :wink::wink:


Genuinely just remembered that Chelsea haven’t even played Man United yet :see_no_evil: That can be number 3. I want Man United!


I think Chelsea are knocking out United tonight.


I dont think I could stomach losing a NLD final. Wenger would definitely be hounded out if he hasnt signed by then.


I’m happy to take the risk, I feel shithouse with most things Arsenal as things stand anyways so on the off chance we beat Spurs that may just make me feel a whole lot better.


A Chelsea double is depressingly on the cards… Mancs to win on Penalties tonight…