2016/17 FA Cup


Won’t be penalties tonight of that I can assure you.


Whatever… 12/1


Get City now, then Spurs in the final. I think they are more bottlers than us.


Not sure I’d want to trust the fact that Spurs are “more bottlers” than us. I’m sure it’d be a great spectacle for everyone else, and I’d obviously be so excited about the game. If we won it’d be great to watch back but at the actual time, imagine the emotions, and you wouldn’t just lose, you’d lose to them! I’d divorce the Arsenal for sure.


United can win this tonight. Not great at times but been hard to beat since christmas. Won one trophy and in 2 others. Every chance Mourinhio does the deed tonight.


Utd are missing most of their forward line through suspension and injury, so with a fully fit Chelsea side at home, I can’t see nothing but a Chelsea win. I think Europa League is there best chance of more Cups.

For us, I fancy City as my choice in the Semi’s, I think the big reason is their Defence is as rocky as ours. Get Chelsea and I think we’re out. Spurs without Kane, I think we have a better chance, with him and their solid defence then I’m worried. Utd I think with Jose having it over Wenger I think they could cause us problems.

Avoid Chelsea, we can get to the final. Can’t see past Chelsea winning it .


The one the police don’t want is Chelsea Tottenham


Playing City would be boring as fuck. Nothing club with money.

I want Spurs. Make it a proper big semi final where it gets the nerves going!!


There’s are no holes in the logic. 6/6. We are the team to fear. We are the side to be avoided. Bring it on


If Chelsea win the FA Cup they will win the double.
But if Man U win it, they will win the Cup double, and f spurs win it, they won’t stop going on about it until they win another cup.

If that’s not an incentive for us to win it, then what is?

If not, come on Man City.

I’ll go for Arsenal v Man City
Man U v spurs semi final.


You say that but there are nerves and then there are CUP SEMI FINAL NLD NERVES.

I’m a lifelong non smoker but I guarantee I will need a mixture of cigarettes, alcohol and medication to get through that day



MDC please?? :wink: @Mysty


Can’t see United getting anything at the bridge tonight. I haven’t see their forward line yet but I assume it’s going to be incredibly make-shift.

I think Chelsea will run out conmfortable winners here


William’s hair :bellerin:


Hmm think my prediction is already looking pretty bad.United have got off to a good start here


Hazard!! :clap::clap:


Christ! Hazard shows all his class here.


Yeah that was a superb turn and shot from Hazard.

Two good saves De Gea


Chelsea starting to bomb forward with great intensity.
Master class save by De Gea here.