2016/17 FA Cup


Two quality goals, tbf.


Not sure whats worse for Millwall, losing the game 5-0 or allowing Janssen to score a goal from OP.


Janssen scores without a penalty! That’s quite a big news!


Superb :joy:


If this is going to be Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United in the semi finals it’s going to be annual leave cancellation time for the OB :grimacing:

Even if it’s Chelsea as well tbh.



They fucking hate millwall…wallop!


Grown men that fight over football games :joy::joy:. Is that really still a thing?


Fackin’ hell mate


Trigger warning: victim blaming

If you do that in front of Millwall fans you should expect to get smacked. What idiots.


Shouting rudeness at anyone and you should expect a punch tbh.


United are screwed: no zlatan, no rooney, no rashford, no martial.

Plus it was already lower down on their priority list. Comfortable home win


Yeah that should be game over.

Getting Spurs and then beating Chelsea in the FA Cup final, not bad. Can’t wait!!! :slight_smile:


Wonder when the last time was that we were the clear outsiders at a cup semi final stage :eyes: Feels disconcerting


Probably our last semi-final against Chelsea in 2009. They’ve had us on toast for fucking ages now. Actually you can also point to that CL semi-final with Man Utd as an even bigger example.


Without any doubt, we will get the Scum in the semi final…I know its a 1 in 3 chance, but we have drawn them in the semi in 91 & 93 (I was at both…revenge was sweet!)


I hope we get Man City so that I can give the ticket away guilt-free, cos if it’s either of the other two I’m going to have to be a total bitch and call my ticket in


Best thing I saw this week.




We’re going to get City