Young Talents


meh Xhaka is better :henry2:


He’s who I thought City were buying when I first read that they were buying “Danilo”.


Not paying complete attention to the Ajax game but the bits I’m catching, Roda look poo.

Find it difficult to take Kluivert & Neres serious as genuine first class talents despite what they look like because of the opposition they play against on a regular basis. Will take a very brave club to drop a significant fee on either of these guys.


Well Kluivert is 18 and looks to be one of the bigger talents to have come around in a while, don’t think it’s too much of a risk to buy him with the idea that it will take a few years of development to better competition. Neres no idea but it’s not like he’s too old either.







Posting because I remember someone on here mentioning him.