Wojciech Szczesny


He won the golden gloves with us too. I wouldn’t give too much value to this kind of stats.


Much better than Cech


he wont come back here if wenger is here…has been said in a thinly veiled way, can see him being sold


Come home Woj :clap:



AS Roma haven’t accepted anything. They will not buy Szczesny because have a talented and young GK to promote (Alisson) and another very interesting polish keeper on loan to Empoli (Skorupski).


Arsenal to give him another chance next season, with the Europa League coming in?


If Roma doesn’t think he’s good hes good enough to pony up the cash for I sure as hell don’t want him coming back here.


I don’t know anything about Roma’s finances but it could just be that they have some other decent options in goal and don’t think that their funds (in terms of transfer fee and also wages) might be put to better use strengthening other areas more in need. Rather than them thinking he isn’t good enough, because by all accounts he’s been pretty good right?


Most clean sheets in Serie A this season, of course Roma would want to keep him!

Come home :woj: we need you!


I dunno, I’ve only watched him in a few Cl games without paying attention. Some of our fans seem to big him up quite highly but let’s be honest our fan base goes ape shit over every player we have out on loan who is doing even a half decent job.

Fact is Roma were desperate enough for a goalie a couple of years ago and if he is indeed one of the best in the league as some of our fans claim, then surely Roma would be silly to risk losing one of their best performing players when they could easily negotiate with us for a decent price.

If Roma are willing to take a chance on a couple of unknown entities within there squad then we should be looking for someone better to replace to Cech. This isn’t based on anything concrete, just doesn’t sit right with me.


This is the same fan base that said our squad was better than Juventus and that we didn’t need to sign Higuain because he’s not much better than Giroud. Not to mention they called Iwobi one of the best young talents in Europe.


Say what you want about Iwobi but Godroud demands respect


Those statements are clearly ridiculous though. Thinking that Szczesny has been playing well is not.

By all accounts Szczesny has improved since being at Roma whereas Cech is going in the opposite direction. So unless we’re planning on picking up a top goalkeeper this summer then Woj would be a sound option. Best in the league? No. Better than what we currently have? Yes.


I’m not averse to bringing Woj back. It was more just a dig at the opinion of some of our fan base who so grossly overrated anyone and everyone associated with the club.

I’d take Woj back as a regular follower of Serie A, I think he’s made improvements. Albeit he’ll never be in the top tier of keeper. But he’s better than Cech.


i think its typical of the tribal nature of football to overhype your own though, no?

I’m guilty of everything you mentioned above tbh, though i openly hold my hands up and admit it.


It absolutely is. No doubt about that. I see it and hear it everywhere. It’s just because I’m only on this forum so I’m always happy to take a dig at some of the people on here.


in all fairness I was VERY vocal against Higuain, though my understanding was very much that he was a big game bottler and not at all a goal machine.

Not my first fuck up, I was also against signing Suarez :smile:


Cech will be our number 1 next season because Wenger rates him very highly.

Woj will either have to stay out on loan till Cech is done or leave. Hope its the former because Woj has a future here after Cech is finished.


Can he just come back for a little bit at least ? Just long enough for us to save our first penalty in years ?