Wojciech Szczesny


Before he went from Juve to Milan he went from Inter directly to Milan. In that same move Seedorf also transferred from Inter to Milan.

Inzaghi went from Juve to Milan. Edgar Davids went from Milan to Juve, and then on to Inter after a loan spell at Barca. Roberto Baggio went from Juve to Milan. Vieri went from Inter to Milan. Cassano went from Milan to Inter.

That’s just off the top of my head and I’ve left out players who transferred between big clubs due to Calciopoli (Ibra, Vieira etc).


Good effort, I can remember a lot of those now that you mention it


All the player names were off the top of my head, I must admit I did have to use Google to make sure I could the direction of transfer and clubs involved completely correct lol

I’ve just always found it kinda fascinating how top Italian teams swapping players isn’t weird, because over here you have Liverpool and Man U not selling players to each other for God knows how long. Used to be the same with us and Man U too


The high profile ones aren’t too prominent these days because Italy hasn’t had the financial firepower like it did in the 90s and early 00s.

Cassano from Milan to Inter is a fair example though of a more recent move. There’s a good chance De Sciglio will end up at Juve too. Not to mention talk of Manolas going to Inter.

And Juan Jesus left Roma for Inter. Romagnoli is another who left Roma for Milan. The latter is akin to us selling Bellerin (promising academy prospect who’d made the step up… imagine we’d sold him at the beginning of last season) to one of the other big English clubs.


Davids wasn’t starting though and Milan thought Pirlo was done. Vieiri was done. Inzaghi had been benched by Trezeguet. Baggio too was forced out for Del Piero

But that aside there shouldn’t be an issue with us selling Chez to Juve


My post was merely meant to highlight that big Italian clubs have sold and swapped a lot of players down the years, in response to someone being incredulous at the idea of a Milan player moving to Juve. The point wasn’t that each move was the same as the situation is with Donnarumma, as I admittedly don’t have an example of a young up and comer transferring between them.


Going for the hattrick of goalkeeper thread posts…

He’s coming home!

Or is he?


Bring Woj home!


To be home grown is important for me. Bring back home and start a competition to be into the XI with Petr Cech.


Ospina as number one next season. He deserves it.


This is a joke, yeah?


Manninger as number one next season. He deserves it.


Yeah for someone else as he’s leaving in the summer.


A new manager who will sign someone like Leno, would be cool.


Very decent from Woj :clap:


I don’t know if Wenger or another manager will recall us to Arsenal, but AS Roma could accept to not buy him because Alisson has played a very good Europe League campaign and seems ready to become regulart first team GK.


Just conceded against Sassuolo.


How are Roma keeping so many clean sheets @SRCJJ @Luca_from_Italy ?

Their defence doesn’t look any better than ours on paper. Is it all Spaletti’s coaching and tactics?


It’s more down to Szczesny being very good, tbh. He has improved a lot at Roma.


Bring him home