Wojciech Szczesny


Woj is a number one keeper. No way he is settling for a “cup” role. Just fuck Cech off - it’s been nice having him here, but he’s so clearly in decline and needs to get dropped.


Wants to be the #1


Unless a new manager comes in who particularly rates him there is no way we will guarantee him the No1 spot. Allegri must have seen a lot of him over there in Serie A, hopefully they’re best buddies now :smile:


I’d say that speaks for itself at 27. If we take him back, it’s going to be Cech or Szczesny.


Maybe Szcesney takes over from Buffon :joy:


i would love szcesney to be our number 1 think hes doing so well for roma

but i feel that ac milan keeper might go barca or madrid and szcesney goes to milan


That would be a serious upgrade :woj:


That could genuinely happen if Woj enjoys life in Italy. Or goes full time at Roma.


It’s not crazy.

He’s had an excellent time in Italy, clearly adjusted well. Buffon is retiring after this season, Donnarumma isn’t ready yet, Inter wouldn’t sell Handanovic to Juve…

Hart’s future at City is uncertain but he has performed very well for a poor Torino defence, so unless Juve decide to take a punt on someone like Leno or a bit more unknown I could see it coming down to Hart or Chezzers at Juventus.


Buffon said he will continue until after the world cup. It wouldn’t suprise me if they want to keep it Italian and go with Mattia Perin.


ah I thought I’d read somewhere that he was retiring this season.

My bad, in that case it’s a no go then.


It’s crazy because;

  1. Buffon is retiring at the end of next season.

  2. As much as Ches has improved, he is simply not good enough to succeed a keeper of Buffon’s status.

  3. There are better keepers in the Serie A. Donnarumma is far more likely to be ready at the end of next season than Woj will be to replace Buffon.


Yeah as I said earlier I was under the impression he was retiring this season, so that scuppers it really.

That said, I don’t think Donnarumma is going to leave Milan just yet despite Raiola and his contract coming up in 10 months.

He’s a Milan youth product and a Milanista at heart, no? I’m sure Milan will do everything in their power to keep a hold of him and I bet he feels happy enough as their first choice to stay for another couple of years.


I hope he doesn’t leave because it’s only right for him to stay at Milan. Especially with the new money that’s supposed to be coming in. But in this day and age, even being a local boy doesn’t always mean anything.


Surely an AC Milan goalkeeper won’t join Juventus?!

That’s like De Gea joining Liverpool no?


I’ve always heard it said that the Inter/Juve rivalry is more pronounced than the Milan/Juve rivalry, but would be interesting to hear some of our resident Italians’ views on that one

I can think of more players that have played for both AC Milan and Juventus, but that doesn’t mean too much


Big players move between clubs in Italy all the time. I know Napoli, Inter and Fiorentina players would take much more stick for moving to the Bianconeri than a Milan player would.


The top Italian teams have sold each other players countless times over the years tbf


Usually fringe players like Matri, no? Not high profile players, like Donnarumma, I think. Pirlo with the age thing was a different story imo.


And Pirlo was a free no?