Will you watch the rest of the season?


Putting it about a bit there Phoebica :eyes::speak_no_evil:


And I thought we were friends? :sob:




Lol she’s just hospitiable, if any of you came to LA I’d show any of you around my city! :grinning:


I’d totally ignore you if you came to the alps.


Oh you live near thrle alps? Fuck that I’m coming snowboarding. Take me ppb.


Now you’d just need to know where exactly :stuck_out_tongue: That area is yuuuge.


No matter how shit we are weekends without arsenal are boring a.f. :tired_face:

Fucking international breaks.


[quote=“Calum, post:72, topic:1340”]
No matter how shit we are weekends without arsenal are boring a.f.
[/quote]Maybe it’s time to take up what everyone else does in Scotland.



The fuck is that?


Curling? Lol how is that what Scotland does?!


Only reason I’m dreading this international break is because I want this season to be over and done with as fast as possible.


I can hear you, you know…

And @Robin_L I’m only putting it about to you


How can you not know what curling is. Didn’t you also not know what Buckfast was? And do you even drink Irn Bru? What kind of a Scot are you at all? :smile:


Na I deffo knew what that was haha. Never drunk it though if’s thats what you mean? I used to drink Irn-Bru regularly but stopped years ago as it’s full of sugar and calories


Will continue to watch as I am a glutton for punishment and hope springs eternal, but I wish we played at least more attractive/exciting football while we fall from grace.


Hopefully we’ve moved on from West Ham and Chelsea tickets :smile:


Anyway, the picture of curling I think is the Norway team. Nice pants.

Oh, and I thought if you searched ‘spurs’ on Google, you’d get some kinky porno paraphernalia site.


Lol i know I’m defending you, even though you obviously have connections to chelsea, ewwww.


I’m a bit fed up of Arsenal at the moment, so I suppose it’s fair to say that I’m a bit less enthusiastic about watching matches than I usually am. I might consider not watching a match if there was a really good social plan going on, whereas normally it’d pretty much be a no go if it clashed. But basically I’ll still be watching every match.

To the people who say otherwise, what happens if we become more of a midtable side for a consistent period? Are you going to barely bother watching matches because we are a bit shit? The fandom thing is meant to be through thick and thin really, whether your team are good or shit. I find it hard to imagine the situation ever getting so bad that I’m not going to be particularly bothered about watching Arsenal.


It’s Wengers Arsenal that i can’t stand anymore. As soon as he’s gone i can be enthusiastic as fuck for a new regime and if that turns out to be shite too that guy will get the boot and we go again. :slight_smile: