Will you watch the rest of the season?


To be fair it’s in a London Borough.
But the strange thing about that is that most people I know from Hornchurch would support West Ham and hate spurs.


Can you show us on a map?.. Preferably self drawn as I don’t trust google maps (and don’t let Doc help you - that’s going to end in a disaster)


I’m originally from Essex and yeah it’s all West Ham. East London/Essex bloody love the Hammers. My uncle and grandad have season tickets there. And yep they hate Spurs. Arsenal and West Ham fans bond over their hatred for Spurs.


You don’t trust facts?


Spurs aren’t even a London club. They’re Middlesex. :hipster:

Fair. :santi:


I do, I just needed an excuse for my request :stuck_out_tongue:


I live in Hertfordshire, just come visit, that’s an excuse :wink:


I’m from Essex as well and loads of my mates support spurs, and they actually cheer for us when we play West Ham, which I find a bit strange.

I don’t mind West Ham as a lot of my relatives are from round there as well.


Lol I’ve got no clue about where horn church is compared to London although I do remember it was a short train ride to London station and they have a fucking awesome pub in horn church called The Drill which is right next to the best fish and chip shop maybe in history. Of course I was drunk most of the trip so who the hell knows. But yeah the man of the house was originally from London but moved the family there.


Which station is “London station”? Next time you come to London, let me know, I’ll take you to the proper places :+1:


Thanks, I’d get lost on my way there though as I still don’t know where that place is, but it’s good to know that there’s someone there that would come get me if I put on the Phoeb signal (at least I hope so).


Just doesn’t matter to me. Even Romford is in the same borough but nobody can convince me that Romford is in London either lol


Its this outlook of exclusion that lead to Brexit.


Romford is East London? I always thought it was Essex. :hushed:


This is exactly me.

I haven’t watched a game since January.

I used to schedule my weekends around the matches and go out of my way to watch all sorts of random Ukranian streams for the 3pm kick-offs; no more.

Watching this train-wreck hasn’t been worth my time, especially with how much I’ve got going on in my life right now. Focusing on my girlfriend, dog, job applications etc. is so much more worth it right now. I used to make my girlfriend and puppy come to the pub to watch the games :joy:

I’ll definitely watch the FA Semi, just because it’s a cup final and anything can happen especially since we’re the under-dogs in the competition now. It could be like when Wigan won all over again. Couldn’t miss out on something like that :wink:


Lol i have no clue, I’m guessing the main station right near that gigantic ferris wheel? Ok better not be an empty promise cause me and my buddy are planning a trip. Of course we’ll be needing Arsenal tickets too :grin:


Fuck that, they’re still spurs. They’ll win fuck all and i know who I’d rather be.


Of course.


Giant Ferris wheel? Lol. The London Eye? I think you mean London Bridge.

I’m also good for Chelsea and West Ham tickets, if your family want to upgrade from Spurs…


London eye, yup that’s the one lol.