Will we sign anyone else?


Is Dahoud getting a little too much hype atm?


When you say “what a player” about Ox you probably aren’t best placed to point out players being hyped too much.


Someone want to call an ambulance?

As Ollie just got a major burn :wink:


The ‘what a player’ was in reference to his pass tbh. Perhaps I should have been clearer and said ‘what a pass’, but I figured the explanation that followed was enough to make that clear, seeing as how it was in the same sentence and all.

I’ve mentioned throughout the Ox thread I don’t see him as anything more than a squad player on par with Gnabry and I’m confident you are well aware of that?

Edit: I also asked a relatively simple question, I’m a little disappointed you seem to be interested in nothing more than antagonising me. But such is life! I thought the question mark was a dead giveaway it was a question and not a statement.


There is no way to take out of that sentence that you were only referring to the pass and not pouring it on Chamberlain.


My bad then :slight_smile: obviously I didn’t articulate myself well.


It’s not really very different to when IDB10 asked about the stats graph and I replied taking the piss, which you found hilarious.

I only started trying to antagonise you about Ox once you accused me of being high and mighty and not having anything of interest to say (words to those effect), words that might reasonably antagonise someone, before that I was just trying to get to the bottom of exactly what SRCJJ said to upset you because he seemed reasonable to me.

Edit: sorry for not quoting your entire post.


At no point was I upset. :smile: You came accross as argumentative, even making personal digs. It’s come accross as quite petulant if I’m honest, and as I mentioned, it seems you are more interested in picking fights than discussing football.


Petulant is a pretty good word to describe someone who can’t handle people disagreeing with them and then have to invent some nonsense about how much of their post is getting quoted in order to justify their annoyance.

In terms of personal comments, you started that off by accusing me of cherry picking like SRCJJ apparently does too. Anything I said that could be construed as personal followed that, so your accusations now ring hollow.

Btw I really couldn’t care less what you think of my posting style. Yesterday in MDC you said you had been finding my posts really funny lately (stats graph reply as mentioned above), so I’m taking what you say now with a pinch of salt because it clearly comes from the position of you being upset lol.

You evidently can’t handle people disagreeing with you.

Edit: this is boring af for everyone else tbf, not gonna derail further. Reply if you want.


You make a lot of assumptions. :smile: what was it you said earlier? TRIGGERED.


I’m a big fan of January. It gets you fresh blood during the season where your rivals might not and if it works it’s great for shaking things up and if it doesn’t work then you can just bench that player and ease them in so they’re ready for next season. If we’d got Xhaka last January there would be none of this ease him into the pace of the league bollocks, he’d have been starting every game this season and that might have got us more points this year if he was settled and in top form.

I don’t like that this is treated as some faux-transfer window. We should take any opportunity we can to add players and while some players are hard to take from clubs in January, there are others who are definitely achievable and there have been plenty of decent transfers in January (Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho, Monreal, Matic etc.) so it’s not impossible to find players.


I expect January to be very uneventful. January’s normally about getting cover, than top qualties signings most of the time, and we’re pretty well catered for right now, with more returning in the new year.


Because a few members on here like him it may seem like he does but he really doesn’t get that much hype outside of OA.


Thanks :slight_smile: @JakeyBoy ^ that’s all I was looking for.


Thanks for @'ing me like a real man.


You’re welcome kiddo.




We don’t need to sign any first team player. However, in January could be a good idea to buy some young talents around the world.