Will we sign anyone else?


Wenger moving Alexis to striker is the reason we don’t need to sign anyone, seen many average strikers suggested to sign just because people couldn’t put up with Giroud there but with Alexis we have a world class striker for the next 4 years at least.


I was thinking about Arshavin the other day and what an impact he had after we bought him in January. That was special.


If Sanchez is going to continue as a striker, we need a world class winger, but there is no way Wenger will move for that type of player in the next window.
Walcott, Chamberlain and even Ramsey can all play in that position, and Iwobi looks like a great prospect although he isn’t the finished article.
Ozil and Sanchez and a top quality winger would give us the best attack in the PL, so I would think Wenger will wait to the summer window before selling maybe Walcott or Chamberlain, and then move for the sort of player that will take us to the next level.


This is key. If we want him for the next 4 years we have to get him to sign a damn contract. That’s the only January signing I want! And Özil of course.


I totally expect/demand an arrival of Isco.
If Dahoud can come in, even better.

I also like us to add a winger.
Theo & Ox are not reliable for whole season.


Dahoud really is flavour of the month isn’t he :smile:

Would anyone still take Mhikitaryan?


I would, but there is no way Mourinho will do business with Wenger, in case a player he bought starts performing well for his nemesis.
I’d still prefer Reus, who Wenger likes as well.


Class player but a total sick note.

Feel like we need a little more reliability. Not even sure we could take him anymore tbh.


Its tough to sign a player of the required quality in January but if we have the will then we have the money to get it done. Im not thinking of anyone in particular but if the club have someone eyeballed for the summer id love to see us go balls out and get them in in January. It really could make the difference.


I would have said we need to sign a wide player but the return of Perez, the fact Theo hasn’t been atrocious and Ox seems to be showing reasonable form means we’d do well to hold off until the summer at least.

If we do sign anyone I’d actually like a replacement for Santi or a promising young player that could actually be integrated into the team throughout the season.


I think replacing Cazorla would be Wenger’s priority, because I’m not sure we are going to offer him a new contract, but not in the next window.
With Welbeck coming back and Perez fit, we have enough depth so I think Wenger will wait until the summer window to make the top signing we need.


I think whatever money you might budget towards another signing say even 15-20m should be invested in justified sizeable contracts for your two most important players.


You mean this guy :wilshere:


Yea. We can do both.


I was reading Dahoud has a cheap buyout clause and lolpool are after him. If he’s really all that we should be snatching him out from under their noses ala Sanchez. They say you can also get Draxler on the cheap come January. There’s your Winger/attacking player everyone is crying out for. Although IMO Ox has looked very promising and Theo is going to score about 15 league goals this season, and Welbeck is coming back soon. Perez also looks kinda good as well. Central midfield long term is more important in my eyes.


Ugh Draxler.
Fucking Diva.

Hopefully his signing doesn’t mean we spend stupid money.


Personally I don’t even feel that our wages budget and our transfer budget should be the same thing. We’re a financial superpower these days absolutely silly for us to pretend not to be anymore.


I’m not sure Wenger is going to prioritize a centre midfielder next summer. Wilshere comes back from loan and I wouldn’t be suprised if Cazorla gets another proper chance after his surgery. Which means 5-6 players for two positions.


Dodgy translation but Dahoud still not renewing his contract & Eberl has admitted they’ve thought about selling him in January. Up until now I didn’t think we needed to do business in January, but for what he’d probably cost & what our MF situation looks like with Cazorla’s age & recent injury struggles, this is almost a no brainer.

This is one of the better written player profiles I’ve read on any player.


Thinks about getting Dahoud and Draxler in January. Feels happy. Remembers that we have Ramsey and Ox. Gets sad.