Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


Why can our rivals never draw ffs. Always someone winning.


Yeah they likely will hence I don’t think they will win it, Chelsea will get 90+ points most likely. As I’ve always said the 81 points for the Champions of last season was an anomaly and considering we never look like we can get over that amount we blew our chance last season.


Well, City lost ground and many big games are coming up. Fingers crossed.


Mini table with the break away top 6

Liverpool 3-2-0 11 points
Chelsea 3-0-2 9 points
Man City 2-0-3 6 points
Arsenal 1-2-2 5 points
Spurs 1-2-2 5 points.
Man United 1-2-2 5 points


They did last season lol

And in 13-14


Was always going to be a once in a decade type scenario last season.


This doesn’t compute with what you said earlier this month about how our squad was superior on paper put against every other team, but for the mental block we supposed to have.

If it’s only a mental block, but the quality is there, it makes more sense to get another manager. Chelsea are probably a very good example of that.


Treble digging himself a hole here.


Assuming we win today, which I think we will, we’ll finish the first half in 3rd, behind 'Pool and Chelsea, nine points out and decent gap on GD as well. One point ahead of Spurs and City, with similar GD and 4 points ahead of ManU.

9 points off top and 1 point away from 5th… going to be an interesting stretch - I reckon we should distance ourselves from ManU and City again (I really can’t explain City’s collapse - thought they would be more reliable than they are), but I think Liverpool and Spurs are going to hang around.


We’ve had seasons where we pick up more points than anyone after Christmas. We could do it again. We’ll need Chelsea to make a couple big mistakes but we can take 3 points from them ourselves. We aren’t out of this yet.


We need to go on a Chelsea-esque run and also hope they slip up 3 or 4 times during it to catch them. Mammoth task even for the most optimistic to be honest.


A bigger collapse by them and us deciding that we’ll win 3/4 of the games. Not impossible but I wouldn’t put any money on it with confidence. That’s far more than just going on an unbeaten run.


Chelsea have Tottenham, Leicester and Liverpool away this month. Tough task for them, tbf. But the main problem is us. We are not reliable.


I think they will defeat Leicester without any problems at all, the other 2 are significant tests though.


I think the with the way Chelsea are playing right now, regardless of opposition, it would be their own short comings that lose them points. They can beat everyone in the league in this vein of form. They won’t squander their chances though*



Not so sure. The game comes thick and fast and after a long unbeaten run they might pay the price.


@Aussiegooner two horse title race…


Yeah its likely a one horse race, but do you want me to go back and find the post I said we’d be closer on points to 5th than the Champions in August ? And you didn’t agree ?


A couple results and it all changes. Long way to go.


I’d call it if Chelsea win @ Tottenham this week.