Who will win the Premier League 2016/17 season?


Think we are paying about 11-1 here in Aus, but I wouldn’t be silly enough to waste any coin even though the odds are long.


It’s the same here. Spurs are 25/1, which seems just as likely to happen to me!


Yeah, there’s very little chance of Chelsea fucking this up now. 49 points at the half way stage is deeply impressive stuff.

We’re just going to have to try and finish best of the rest. 2nd place this season would be worth more than the flukey one from last season.


Who are the 4% who said Chelsea?


You know full well where we’re going to finish, and it’s not going to be 2nd :sunglasses:


1st? :cech:


Chelsea making a mockery of the so called toughest League in the World, I must admit I didn’t pick it. Shows what Changing to a tactical modern day manager can do I suppose.


And having one of the most expensive teams in the world who ran away with the same league two years ago. you left out that vital bit of info.


TBH I think you will find Chelsea’s net spend isn’t to different to ours over the last 5 years, I know how much Arsenal fans love talking about net spend. They also had to deal with a manager in his 1st season which apparently is really difficult also.


They’ve almost spent a billion on their team fuck off with net spend. When we spend a billion we’ll see how we do. It’s not something that happens over night it’s years and years of building a team.


Fuck off with Net spend ? Why because it does not suit your agenda? excuses ?


Tbf if you want to go by the numbers I posted earlier this week they’re closer to us than they are to the Manchester teams. Doesn’t take away though that their squad is pretty good and probably the most settled after the league win, but still.


Net spend? Yeah well selling David luiz for 50m to balance your books will do that. Clearly the way we spend and the way Chelsea spend are galaxies apart.


One of my guests who is a Chelsea fan just said “if Liverpool win, then it’s a 2 horse race” I disagree. If Liverpool are in the race then so are we.


TBH our squads are on very similar level talent wise, the common denominator here is we have modern day Wenger. Well why don’t try and sell some of our overrated garbage we have persisted with for years for inflated prices ? David Luiz has also looked every bit of 50 million quid under Conte haha.


Liverpool are a lot more chance as they actually obtain results regularly against the other top 6. We are a certainty to drop points at the Lane, Bridge and Anfield for a start, not to mention at Southampton and Stoke.


It’s not net spend. but merely the money that was payed for the current squad.


And then they’ll drop points against Bournemouth, Middlesbrough etc. They are just as incompetent as us just in a different way. Don’t get it twisted I know u have a penchant for spouting negativity about all things arsenal but there are a bunch of other so called top clubs just as shit as us. Let’s call a spade a spade.


But Liverpool’s defence is a joke. I know this evening’s match shows otherwise. But still, they are not better than us, if we win tomorrow then we’re pretty close to them, and our next load of matches will have us above them.

I mean, I think it’s a 1 horse race personally. But if Chelsea fans wanna be kind then they should include us and City with Liverpool:


Since Torres, they actually haven’t spent that much money compared to us, especially since we started spending more.

Now you can cast aspersions on their strangely high amounts of money they get for selling their players but that is another issue.

I would be interested to see how much their current team cost compared to ours, but the spending power for both teams is similar these days imo.

Now, Chelsea will probably win the title, no shame in that imo, they are breaking records. If we finish second then it’s cool, but we won’t will we?

If we do I’ll let up on all you sunny eyed people.