Where are you going on holiday?


So far I’d say that the holiday aka the honeymoon has been a total success. Tons of Brits at Disney World this tims of year. Makes me wonder what they think of the England section in Epcot. You can always get dark chocolate digestives there which is a huge plus!


Genua. Just a weekend for me.


Looks nearly as hot as hear. I’ve never been Genua or Liguria, but would love to visit some day. Chuffed for you. Are you going to the aquarium?


Believe me mate, i have never experienced such a hot weather like these days in Genua. It has been like being in Africa! Unfortunately, i am leaving in 2 hours so i can’t go to the acquarium.
You have to go and visit Genua and Liguria. Great places, with great food. Have you ever tried pesto? :giroud2:
Next stop next week in Wien :santi2: @PPB


You made notes of which beer you should drink and which not?

I also hope you make good pictures from the city and not just from the underground stations.


Got a ticket for Schonbrunn :ozil2:


You’re quite the traveller @Luca_from_Italy :smiley: What country would you like to go to in the future you’ve not been to?


Yeah, i really like to travel. I’d like to go to Greece :slight_smile:


Come to Egypt :wink:


Need the situation to calm down a bit there :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, as long as you’re not involved in any politics. Unless you got kidnapped by a militant group :henry2: , which is very unlikely.


Ok, i trust you. I still have so many places to visit!


Amsterdam? :henry2:


It has been time since i smoked a joint :poldi:


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:96, topic:260”]
It has been time since i smoked a joint :poldi:
[/quote]Your last one must’ve been when you made the, “Are we going to battle relegation?” thread :wink:


Okay, I gotta ask the Brits on the board.

What is it with the clothing brand Superdry?

Nearly every British (yes I can sort of distinguish between English and Welsh accents. Scottish is easy from watching “The Thick of It”) family has kids or a dad wearing tshirts that say Superdry.

Am I missing something?

Also my wife wants to ship our future children to England so they have tiny English accents and call her “mummy”. I don’t know if that’s legal.


Shit clothing brand. Been on the verge of going bust (if it already hasn’t) for years.

If people are wearing something from their I assume they are right bastards and are wearing clothes which are 4 years old.


Maybe, probably, it’s a case of ‘product placement’ if it appears in a TV show or movie.

Holidays? This time next week I’ll be on the cruise ship bound for the Baltic. Ahoy there, mateys!


@PPB, how is the weather like in Wien? Still 3 days and i am coming :ozil2:


I’ve been to Wien recently in july, the weather was fine when I was there, nice city with quite a lot of places to see and friendly people.

schönbrunn palace is huge :wink: