Where are you going on holiday?


Yeah, i got my ticket yesterday. I truly can’t wait to visit it :slight_smile:


Warm enough for a visit. You’re going to feel like you’re at home.


Cheers mate. Hope to enjoy myself here!


I went to Bali earlier in the summer on my honeymoon. Best holiday I’ve ever had!


@PPB, i’m catching a OBB night train tomorrow from Udine. Is any good?


I guess… shouldn’t be the worst out there.


Wonderful :giroud2:

Train station

It should be Wieden.


No joke, maybe I’m biased, but I’d prefer Cornwall over Majorca regardless haha I’m a sucker for rural country idyll.


Just send them to a boarding school, they might get buggered in the rookery by the prefects but they’ll have those cute accents :ok_hand::ok_hand:



I went to America for a month with my missus back in June. She’s actually from Chicago so very much her turf. We went to Chicago, Indiana, Michigan, Portland and Colorado. Ace trip, love the US as I lived in Kansas for a while as some of you may recall while I was there.

GO CUBS GO! World Series is in sight


Her little pug chihuahua mix

Small town Indiana ain’t all bad!

Lake Michigan is pretty big

Her aunt and uncle’s place in Traverse City has a good view of the lake

Cornish hangover in Michigan!!! KERNOW BYS VYKEN!!!



Incredible Voodoo donuts in Portland!!

I’ll post some more in a bit!


More from Wien :ozil2:


Hiking in the Lake District


The famous Karntnerstasse.


It feels so great to be a german just for one day :poldi: @CunningLinguist, @PPB, @Persona


TIL Germany annexed Vienna again and told no-one. :wink:

Looks nice @Luca_from_Italy enjoy it mate! :slight_smile:


Just drinking a nice beer outside now :slight_smile:


GFI using this thread like Instagram :wink: @Luca_from_Italy


@Calum having his usual dig at me :slight_smile:


Usual dig? Lol what. C’mon GFI you used to be able to take banter :wink: