West Brom vs Arsenal (Premier League)



Pissed myself at some of our defenders. Lmao.
We have a manager and a badly who must instruct their players on how to defend in Braille.
There is no way anything our coaching staff is saying is getting through to our players.
W engers a fool if he doesn’t sign that 2 year contract while all the haters are laughing at him n bouldy.



6th. We’ve moved to United’s spot :cry:


Start the game

Rb ch ch lb
    Cm cm
   Rm am lm

Play match

    Ch ch

Rb rm cm am cf cm lm lb


Here is the story that is making its way on other channels. It’s speculative at best and pretty much jumps from “Fans from Hong Kong paid for the plane” to “Sir Chips has a company in Hong Kong”. That’s as much connection as they really have and offer but it won’t stop social media from sharing it and providing them with clicks.


Yea that’s pretty lame. One tweet and based on the guys handle i doubt he’s an impartial viewer.


Read that earlier and shared it with a few mates, we had a bit of a laugh at the absolute state of it.

She Wore fb page showing itself up as per usual


Most of those blogs are written by 1 person… when I was on Twitter had a few arguments with him in his pro wenger days… donut.




Did not watch the game, unexpected result, felt nothing and life goes on.
I said it after last week’s game. We are so shit, and my opinion remains the same.


Had to watch on delay due to travel this weekend, but wow… I keep thinking we have been skimming at the bottom and ready to bounce back up any moment and then that… F*ing hell defense a shambles and inexcusable lack of organization.

We are still in with a shout for top 4, but we are probably heading for similar points total to last year, 72-ish, which is really going backwards. Mathematically we are on course for 70 points. We have tougher schedule remaining than our top 4 rivals and it is going to be big struggle. We laugh at ManU this year and they are suddenly above us in table.

Depressing to see us struggle so much.


just woeful- cant defend cant attack

our full backs have too much work to do and get tackled easily

west brom were gifted 2 goals as we cant defend set pieces

woeful woeful

and wenger will stay which makes this worse :frowning: