Theo Walcott



Right, back to business… this guy part of the exodus yet?


Bravo for getting the Theo thread locked down. I couldn’t do it and believe me, I’ve tried :stuck_out_tongue:


Who do we have to sacrifice to get rid of him?

The guys from ArsenalFanTV?




The days of him getting in behind are history. He used to be brilliant at that diagonal run.


Wenger selling both sanchez and Walcott seems so unlikely to me, even if one replacement is supposedly coming in


If one player sums up Wenger’s last 10 years it’s Theo Walcott.

Last decent thing he did as a player was score a hat-trick against Newcastle 5 years ago. That was the top of the hill and he’s been walking back down it ever since.


Please Big Sam, do us a big favour and get him!


I’m not convinced Sanchez will leave but I think Walcott is definitely surplus to requirements.

He isn’t making it on to the bench in a lot of games, and for one of our highest paid players, that is unacceptable and a waste of a players wages.

It’s a shame Wenger didn’t see that only paying Ozil and Sanchez a fraction more than Walcott was an insult to both of them.

As @Phoebica says, Walcott is the epitome of Wenger’s management in recent seasons.
An average player, on massive wages, who is inconsistent, often injured and lacking the physical and mental strength that a top player needs to be successful.

But the fact that Wenger has persisted with him for so long, and him being our longest serving player, despite all this, is ridiculous.


You’re kidding right.


Yes. I joke about 50% of the time

The last decent thing he did was actually when he went off on a stretcher and spelt out 2-0 with his hands :sunglasses:


Walcott has scored a ton of goals he had 19 ffs last year. He does a lot of good things when he actually plays. Anyways for 20m Everton can have him. I think he’ll do great for them, hopefully they would play him as a CF.


no one will he is far to limited of a player to play there.


I think as a target man, with his heading ability and hold up play, as well as his physical and mental strength, make him an ideal replacement for Lukaku :wink:


His aerial ability is really underrated. Anyways there have been plenty of speedy forwards in this league that have made an impact. Defoe isn’t world renowned for the abilities you’ve just mentioned either yet he was a viable striker in this league for years. People have always hated on Theo for no reason. He’s a goal scorer plain and simple.


I don’t get all the hate theo gets if I’m honest. He’s no worse, and actually arguably better, than Welbeck and Iwobi. Whenever I watch highlights from 2011-2014 Walcott was always a dangerous player for us, and showed some great technique at times. The hate he gets is probably due to the fact that his bar was set higher than what he’s reached, and due to its really hard to say what he’s achieved here despite him playing here since 2006.


I don’t think people hate him but he seems to be the player that a lot of supporters associate with Wenger and his management style.
Overpaid, inconsistent, often injured, lightweight, mentally weak and is our longest serving player.

I don’t blame Walcott, or any player that is picked but isn’t good enough, that is down to poor management.


You should.


I can see why people want him gone, because I do too now. Some of the reactions he gets seem way out of proportion to me at least, although I know I’m in the minority on this