Theo Walcott


Come now it was set up so everyone can be like yeah that was his fault; like you said it’s the Theo thread and we can disagree and point out why which I did.


You are the only one here who can’t debate it and can’t take others opinions for what they are.

I am fully expecting you to go the full length and tell us all about how Walcott actually calculated the trajectory of the ball and rendered it pointless to bother to jump.


Yours was picture and look what he didn’t do, like yeah that was actually going to stop the trash at the back of him… you’d had to be an idiot to think when of the shortest people on the field would stop that from happening.


but then again lets look at more than this anyway, look at the bigger picture. Jumping out of tackles not running and trying to get a ball that is a 50/50 he could reach or not his general laziness his non progress the list is endless Theo is done here and was done a LONG time ago.


I never said he would have stopped the ball had he jumped. I said the little fucker didn’t make the effort because he didn’t care.

Personally I am not an idiot but I wouldn’t mind being one if it meant I wouldn’t have to deal with the likes of you.


So why bring it up if it’s irrelivant in the grand scheme??? Just goes back to my point generally to generate hate for a player out a shit situation, bravo nothing credible just my bs just because.

You claim not to be idiot but resort to insults when all else fails.


Hello, is this the forum police, I’d like to report a rape, the victim’s name is Theo.

Dude, you are the one who resorted to insults dude.


No I did not; I stayed within the confinement’s of the discussion, all mentioned was you becoming condescending in tone nothing more nothing less.


The rest of this forum cares less about this discussion than Theo does about playing for Arsenal. Please stop.


Yeah you did, you said that my opinion is unintelligent and what I say is bullshit. You also took the liberty to present your interpretation of what I said as truth regardless of what I say which is as condescending as it gets.

I will leave you be now, you bore me and you have brought this discussion to a dead end.


Clearly @Gladiator took shit personally that’s not cool.


Blockquote[quote=“Gladiator, post:1592, topic:89”]
You are talking like he would and it is his fault.

At fault for what? Not jump up and make an attempt to block a cross, which is the point of being in a human wall, instead of standing there holding his crotch carelessly?

You bet it is his fault

That’s you to my question. Now me saying your premise was unintelligent was after you became condescending for no reason but me disagreeing with you, and pointing other issues.


Ah Gladiator v Mr Happy is still going on

Who would win in a fight?




People has gotten banned for less shit on here; guess because they share your opinion it’s cool with a slap on the waist.


Clearly Mrhappy


No they haven’t. Nothing remotely ban worthy has happened in this thread today.


I’ll eat you alive buddy.



Right. Shut up for a while. FFS.