Theo Walcott


How on earth is he still at Arsenal?!


Can you blame people for not wanting to buy half of these cunts we have on the pitch tonight.




Some want (Bellerin supposedly) too, but for mediocre players we are going to stand firm!


Watching him do anything is painful as fuck.


The ever lasting adventures of Peter Pan never get old.


Needs a run of games to be anything near effective so his only use is if 3 players get season ending injuries then he can step in and be a reasonable starter. He’s not been an impact player from the bench for years, nor someone that can be rotated into the team once in a while and play at 100%. So unless we hit a mega crisis, he’s basically useless.


He does get into some bloody good positions tbh


His movement’s fucking shit.


Problem is his decision making. He makes it difficult for himself. He can’t take on people unless his marker is more than few yards away from him. Dithers on the ball too much and lose his only advantage against defenders. Don’t blame him for his runs but even when he’s onside. Walcott doesn’t seem to leverage his body in the best position to put the ball in the back of the net. It’s not even 50/50 chance of him scoring it’s like 20/80 he will score.


His movement’s quality, but putting him in one of the attacking midfield roles in the 3-4-3 is like giving a Chilean a job at a culture magazine.


Culture magazine? That’s kind of an oxymoron.


Fine. It’s like asking a Chilean to read and write then. Same metaphor, you get my drift.


Perhaps Theo should spend less time reading and writing shitty children’s books and spend a little more time staying the fuck on side.


He is only decent when he’s 5 yards away from literally anyone


People joke about women not understanding the offside rule when Walcott is a professional player and doesn’t understand it :neutral_face:


Hahaha fucking idiots this guy created two of our goals tonight with his good movement. Even if he fluffed a couple chances he still is such a handful for defenders he gives our other players tons of space to make shit happen, hate to break this to you OA but if not for Theo this would have been a 1 - 1 draw, our only goal coming because of the brilliance of Sanchez, otherwise Theo gets all the credit for creating havoc in the lead up to those two goals. Theo needs to be starting every match. We’d be undefeated right now if he was. Wenger out if only for keeping Theo on the bench until now.

You guys say americans don’t know shit about soccerball but honestly I think being here and not having an outside influence, just watching the games and seeing what happens, gives us an unbiased opinion. So basically Theo is great Messi and Curtis Sams are correct and the rest of you are fucking morons who listen to Gary Neville.


I’m also American. Theo is awful. It’s okay to admit it.


Cmon man not only are we smarter than our dumb cousins across the pond but we’ve also whooped that ass in some wars and saved them as well from ze Germans. We’re superior to them don’t kowtow to their idiocy.


Created 2 of our goals? So striking straight at the keeper means to create a goal? Your trolling is so boring :expressionless: