Theo Walcott


He’s prolific at delivering shitty performances.


In others words, on the bench.


Well that’s not necessarily true but I do agree he played significant part in two goals.


Your president is Donald Trump tho


Walcott made a goal happen at least from that shot, Idg why Walcott is getting hate when Giroud was much worse, he’s always a scapegoat whatever happens


Annoyed the hell out of me last night. Yes, he’s short of match fitness but so were others. Nothing came off for Theo and it looked like he didn’t really care.


Yes, it was particularly impressive how he couldn’t control or pass the ball to a team-mate on the first goal or finish his chance on the third.

Surely you meant to say that we scored two goals despite his involvement in them.


Wincing every time he got the ball. So frustrating.


Theo Walcott CV.

Fast feet.
Slow brain.
Inconsistent and injury prone.


Nelson made more successful passes in 7 minutes than Walcott made in 83, but of course, he shouldn’t be criticised at all. Bringing up the bad performance of others to suggest this definitely isn’t whataboutery at it’s finest.


Stealing a living this guy.


I seriously can’t believe there is still so much misunderstanding and so much discussion of Theo. His thread should be as inactive as the Elneny one. He’s a useful specialist if used right, who happens to have an extremely unpleasing aesthetic style. Story over.


Feel free not to contribute to the activity by posting then.


You’ll improve? You’re nearly 30 mate, if you haven’t grasped the offside rule by now then I’m not sure you ever will.

“I won’t dwell on that too long. It’s just about me timing my runs slightly better, but I say the players are playing it too late, that’s my excuse anyway"



10 years into your stint mate. Aint improving shit.


For 10 years he couldn’t even improve his haircut.


Maybe because we have higher expectations for Walcott in comparison with Elneny because of his salary, period of time he has been at the club and reputation? With his weaknesses (ball retention, not good in combinations) he’s more a liability than an asset.


If you still have expectations of Walcott at this stage it’s kind of your own fault for ending up feeling disappointed.


Sure. Just thinking out loud for a reason there is more traffic here than in the Elneny-thread.


I don’t think it’s a surprise that the only two true Theo fans on here are Americans in you and AC. AC tries to act like he understands the nuance of the sport by flaunting his Spanish background but ultimately his American ignorance shines through.