Theo Walcott


Brilliant. I can’t think of a more suitable send off, perhaps you’d maybe let A4TT present Theo with a KDB shirt to save a little a dignity for the fella?


Since the Palace defeat and his comments afterwards, it seems he’s been shaded out of the line up. Not surprising either.


What comments were those?



I agree, don’t see him leaving and taking a pay cut, he be the type the pay check comes ahead of minutes on the field. I don’t see him been anywhere near the first 11 again if AW stays. I could see him been used in League Cup and group stages of Europa League. I’d be shocked if any top 6 PL club come in for him, I could see him at somewhere like West Ham. But I’m sure we’d get some silly money for him from another club and to get him off our wage bill would be nice.


When was the last time we sold a player like Theo? Never. He’s one of Wengers boys, he’s not going anywhere and he just scored 19 goals last season. I think it’s funny anyone here would even imagine Theo is going somewhere this summer, it’s so farfetched. Wenger will shoehorn him into this system next year. Tbh I could see him playing striker. If Chelsea had issues with Welbeck, they would have been torched by Theo, he’s faster and a better finisher.


Theo is a weakling who can’t hold up the ball, won’t work as a striker.


We should be looking at offloading this bloke and Giroud and signing an elite striker.


You’re probably right.
But Walcott is older than Welbeck and it seems that Wenger prefers Welbeck as well, if recent games are anything to go by.

The problem we have, is we have several strikers, Welbeck, Giroud, Perez and possibly Walcott, but we need a world class one, which none of these are.
So one or more of them are surplus to requirements, and with Walcott’s, age, wages, injury record and inconsistency taken into account, I would think he could be the player to go.
We could get at least 25-30m for him and that would go towards getting a world class player.


Haven’t we been looking to sign an “elite” striker for about 10 years now?

Not saying Walcott should be that player, he shouldn’t. But he is our second top scorer this season. He’s been out of favour lately but he is certainly not the weakest link in our team. I’d be fine with him sticking around, provided we brought in reinforcements.


Neither Walcott, Welbeck or Giroud should be a permanent starter in a team looking to win the league, that’s if that’s what we want to achieve one day.


And none of them are. But that doesn’t mean we should get rid of all of them. Unless we’re going to replace all 3, which we obviously won’t - because that’s not what Arsenal do. We still need a squad and all 3 are fine as squad players.


None them are a nailed on starter but one of the trio will start every game as things stand, we need another top quality player to add to Sanchez and Ozil is what I’m saying.


With his wages I doubt that. Either way I can’t see us having the cash or pull to get a world class striker. We need to take chances on young prospects, that Nigerian Henry kid looks like one such that I’d be pleased to take a punt on.


I’d keep Welbeck over Walcott eight days a week and twice on Sundays. The cup final was a perfect demonstration of why.

Giroud is obviously different to both and is clearly worth keeping if at all possible.


Walcott needs to go to clear funds for a striker and a creative winger. Him not having the technical ability to participate in our combination football or create on his own is probably the single most frustrating thing about this football club.


Chelsea had issues with Welbeck because he’s good at beating men and has excellent movement in and around the box.

Walcott is not good at beating men and has poor movement in and around the box.


I’d actually argue Walcott is our best player off the ball at finding space with his movement. It’s actually his whole game. He shouldn’t lead the line but in our current system, either of the spaces behind the striker he should do well with. In fact Walcott, Giroud, Ozil as a front 3 would all compliment each other. Giroud providing the hold up and link up play, Ozil providing the playmaking and Walcott providing the runs and pace.


Walcott is a bottler. End off. Sooner he fucks off the better


Walcott may do well against teams that push higher up the push and allow him to make runs behind the defence but Welbeck is much better operating in tight spaces.

Theo can’t even beat men with his pace anymore he’s become that redundant.