Theo Walcott


Always handy as a sub late in games say last 20 mins - his speed will get him to tear passed defenders, however if his speed ever decreases then move him on -squad player at best.


Last few months has shown how much of a non entity this guy is. Needs to be the first one out the door this summer


Keep Chamberlain sell Walcott.

Walcott is most definitely not worth the 100k a week, or more, we pay him.
He is our longest serving player and is as good as he is going to get.

Chamberlain has shown a bit of form recently and still has more potential.

Walcott is Everton or Southampton level, not good enough for us.


Bye Theo :wave:

Go join Everton or West Ham


He has potential though


I watched the final with my mate who’s a West Hamm supporter, and I said about Walcott going there, and he said they didn’t want him either.
I can him going somewhere like Everton.[quote=“Phoebica, post:649, topic:89, full:true”]
He has potential though

I think that because Walcott is our longest serving player the word potential can’t really be used to describe him any more.
A couple of seasons ago I really though he would become a great player for us, but whether it’s injuries, or Wenger not being able to find his best position, I don’t know, but he isn’t really worth what we are paying him and is to expensive for a bench player.

If we can get 25m for him, it would be a good bit of business.


Who do they bloody think they are?! Walcott would be a great signing for them!


There is no place for him in the 343. He’s too timid to play wing back, he’s not a good CF option and the two behind the CF need to be clever players, which Theo is not.


You really don’t get my sarcasm do you? :see_no_evil:


I thought it was a strange thing for you to say.

I get it now though :wink:


Given their attacking options I don’t think they can be that picky, he’d be a really good signing for them. They clearly have money but they keep embarrassing themselves bidding for players who practically scoff at the idea of joining their club, that’s had a fairly humbling effect on the Hammers I know.


I actually think he would play well as 1 of the 2 behind the striker. I mean Theo likes playing in the middle, but isn’t a lone striker, being able to run in behind a powerful CF and interchange would suit him well. Obviously he isn’t displacing Alexis or Ozil but in theory the system suits him to.


Why would we ever ship Theo out? First of all he’s better than KDB. Even if you disagree with me and the facts (better goal/assist ratio per minute), Theo doesn’t complain about playing time. He’s a player we need in the squad. He will probably run rough shod in the EL next season as well. Fantastic depth to keep him.


Makes no economic sense to have a depth player on over £100K a week. It’s not reflective of his role in the squad. We could generate £25M+ from his sale and create space on our wages bill.

We just need to be smarter and pragmatic with our assets and it starts with finally binning Theo.


He strikes me as the biggest victim of the formation change.

I’ve labelled 6 likely departures this summer, he’s on the list!


How are you going to break the news to him?


Don’t tell him, Pike!


Needs to go imo if he wants playing time. I’d rather he went, as if he stays there is the possiblity of Wenger shoving him in the team for no good reason.

We got Lucas Perez instead, who is a better option in all the positions Theo plays.


Can see him hanging around… just doesn’t have the fire requisite to see him really agitating to leave and he can be useful off of the bench in some situations, especially to protect against injuries. He is finished as far as top level though imho.


Why, I’m glad you asked. I’m going to convene a hastily-arranged testimonial for him. 11 years’ overlong service. Friends, family, relatives all in attendance in his box. Colleagues past and present invited for a ‘Walcott XI vs World XI’. It will be a glorious day for the Walcott clan played out in the June sunshine. Then you know that bit at the end, where the MC gives the player the microphone in the centre circle and asks him to say a few words to his adoring crowd? Imma do that, only when he gets to his 5th “you know”, imma rip the mic out his hands and be like “bored now, enjoy West Ham next year Lolcott, you’re getting sold”. Then the PA starts up with a bit of this to bring the curtain down on s memorable day :sunglasses: That’s how I see it going anyway