The search for a centre half


In an ideal world we’d throw a lot of money at Jonathan Tah.

I know someone up the thread suggested John Anthony Brooks and as much as I’d love to see a US international play for Arsenal I just don’t know that Brooks would fit with a team that has such a labored build up style.

Unfortunately know everyone knows that we (a) have plenty of money because of the EPL TV deal and (b) really need a CB…and we always do well negotiating under those circumstances. :wenger2:


have you seen Koulibaly since his debut with Napoli? I watched him during every single game 'cause I live in Naples and my family support them. I know who is he, isn’t better than Gabriel.

Cazorla Replacement

Agent Edward reporting


Someone read this thread.


agent who?!

is reliable?


We were linked with Williams a number of windows back and I always thought he was a huge wasted opportunity. Purists will claim he isn’t technical enough but he’d certainly be more composed than Gabriel.

He also tried to kill RVP by banging a ball of his face from about half a foot away so there’s that.


Heh. That was fun.

Perhaps on reflection of that quote, Ferguson decided it’s time to quit.


I can’t say I have not in his first season anyway but his performance vs Barca in 2014 was pretty decent to fair

You’re off your rocker if you think Gabriel’s better than Koulibaly.


Gab’s English shouldn’t be far behind his Spanish by now, so that’s not much of a help.


I’m sceptical on Ashley Williams.

I’d maybe like to see us try for one of the following:
Mustafi from Valencia.
Rami from Sevilla.
Van Dijk from Southampton.
Manolas from Roma.


There is little difference in quality between Gabriel and Koulibaly.

Cazorla Replacement

I’d be suprised if a potential new CB is not going to be another Squillaci.


Before we signed Gabriel I watched a 3 minute compilation of his highlights from a game against barca where he had messi in his pocket all game,

Your saying maxi dosent know what he’s talking about and basing that off of a YouTube video


Don’t just expect. Know that it is going to happen. Either that or we sign no one to cover it lol.


We can only hope for Gabriel or Chambers to do a Monreal and get better with more playing time while Per is out.

Other than that this would be the ideal situation to look for Mertesacker’s replacement but we all know this won’t happen…


Nah I’m basing that off what I seen of Koulibaly last season and what I seen of Gabriel over the past three seasons.


He was offered to Milan earlier in the window, Valencia seem to be in need of cash.


Nah, I never saw him before last season. I saw enough of him last season to know that he’s a quality CB though, one game stood out particularly to me against Roma late in the season.


What’s up with Varane these days?
Is he getting minutes at Real?


We will never pay over 15 million for a defender imo.