The search for a centre half


€25m? He better be an Arsenal player soon if this is true.


Chelsea seem to be in on Koulibaly…which makes it all the more likely they buy Mustafi from under our noses and then we can’t figure out how to do business with Napoli for Koulibaly.

But in all seriousness, Mustafi appears to be a no brainer in terms of price, age and need. We could do a lot worse.


Lol, good one. This club won’t react unless the team stumbles out of the gate, then a signing day panic buy.


That’s why it irritates me, we’ll keep looking for the “right player” until it’s too late, and we’ll end up with a scrap, if we found one. We should be allowing other clubs to find their replacement. It happens over and over again! Transfer window for Arsenal fans is such a nightmare.:facepalm:


Mustafi and Manolas would be both good options.



For Arsenal players, a few months means about 4-6 months at least… no way Per can come back in about 2-3 months.


You never know if the player is right till he play for the team.
So to pick the “right player” is simply bull shit.


They would be just perfect for me. But who listens? Let’s wait and see, we’ve got realistic ambition in signing Mustafi.


Buy one? Ha fuck off I’ll make one for nothing!


Not what anyone wanted to hear. If we start that Liverpool game with Chambers and Coq as CBs I think we can say that club failed the summer. (But we’ll judge Arsene in May)


If its a short term quick fix required, Isn’t Verminator available?


Would this be a screen smoke??

Will Wenger try Giroud as CB??


I mean, someone has to play there while we’re in the states…I’m not going to read too much in to this…so everyone knows they can calm their shit.


Agreed. Just thought it was funny haha


This reminds me of when Debuchy and Monreal had stints at CB. What an absolute farce.


Exactly. It’s not like we have a reputation of not addressing glaring weaknesses in our squad or something.


WTF a sensible considerate response from Morrisc?

So you ARE capable of those.


Coquelin could probably do a job as CB, but it’s still not a reliable solution for a whole season unless Holding is ready to play immediately.


Anyone watching the game in San Jose tonight? ESPN are showing it.


OA goes stateside! #EPSN

Watch the video :smiley: