The Randomly Nothing thread


Get well soon GFI


Just a little concussion to cervical spine in the end.


I hope the driver at least stopped afterwards?


Get well soon mate. No doubt not even an accident with a car could peel you away from OA.


Pretty sure he’s not supposed to be on his computer with a concussion haha


I wonder if the investigators will reach the inevitable conclusion that Luca was on his phone updating scorelines when the supposed accident happened. :slight_smile:

Get well mate.


Hope it’s nothing too serious mate! @Luca_from_Italy

Did you update OA before your family? :wink:


Thanks a lot guys! Just need some rest now and then i will be fine :wink:


Glad that your well Luca, when I wake up in the morning I look forward to reading those Europa League updates from you.


Speedy recovery @Luca_from_Italy

Least it wasn’t your thumb you hurt so you can still like posts :wink:


Get well soon bro, glad it wasn’t too serious…not that it is great to be in an accident :santi:


Oh shit! Glad it’s not too serious Luca, get well soon.


Glad it isn’t a serious injury, who would like my posts then? :grinning:


A4TT, Oliver and Kaner :smile:


Yeah I got you @GunnerGirl


They aren’t as prolific as Luca though, they’re just like Pires and Luca is Walcott :grinning:


that really sucks @Luca_from_Italy hope you recover fast, get better soon Pasta Boy


Rest up well my Italian chum. We need you fit and strong for the up coming season :slight_smile:


This is my car. It is completely broken at the back :cech:


Cheers guys! :slight_smile: