The Randomly Nothing thread




Got hit by a car going to work. I am in hospital, but i feel quite fine. Just a check up.


Jaysus. Were you on a bike? Hope you get the all clear Luca.


Luca, cari, no me asustes así. :open_mouth:


Car. Cheers mate!


holy fuck. no serious or long term damage i hope?


Muchas gracias chico!


Only my right ankle hurts a bit.


Was it Lewis Hamilton? :wink:

Nah, hope youre alright dude. Been hit by a car about 10 years ago. Its not fun!


I’ve been hit by a car too, it’s shit.

Hope you’re alright!


Do you intend to seek damages for the physical and emotional distress you’ve suffered?


Yeah, he recognized me as Ferrari fan :smile:.
Apart from joke, thanks mate!


Let’s see with my insurance.


Just a concussion. Cheers mate!


No harm done then :wink:
Seriously, get well soon and good to hear your alright!


I’ve been there mate, glad to hear you’re alright though.


Get well soon, you’re my favourite fettucini boy!


Cheers, you fucking danish biscuit!


Bit extreme just to get out of work :wink:

Get well soon!


Hope your ok you fucking profiterole muncher