The Randomly Nothing thread


Nah, I’ll be over it in the morning. The grinds my gear thread is reserved for things that annoy me all the time, which isn’t much. I’m more of a furious for 10 minutes then ah well whatever kinda girl :grin:



Who do we reckon? I’m going with Payet :grin:


There have been several Hull players that seem to have left there in a hurry :grinning:




Probably one of those stories where it turns out to be some random who played a few games for the first team and that’s it. :hipster:


Very interesting read.


You die in the 1997 car. You walk alway with minor injuries in the current day car.


van Aanholt


Good shout. He did do a quick sideways move for no logical reason.


Wasn’t the thrill of working for Big Sam again then :smirk_cat:


Haha that is actually what he said


What a cock up :facepalm: I remember when they buried it originally.


Ah Richard Bacon, before the scandal that rocked my young world :broken_heart:

btw that article seems to imply they wanted to find the capsule


James Corden sings with Queen. :sunglasses:


We were top of the league Dec 10th… So no doubt Wenger or that TY cunt will blame me…


what’s this about then?


She said NO??!


She’s the wife of Dusko Tosic, who was sent off in the Turkish cup because of RVP apparently.

She’s right anyway :grin: