The Randomly Nothing thread


Sorry, my bad sir. :slight_smile:


Just been out and saw a guy from my school days. He said he always remembers me for being passionate about football and my “amazing” comebacks.

Apparently, 10 years ago, I said to a Man United fan “you are like UK Gold because you repeat the same old crap”

I never realised that i had always been so hilarious :speak_no_evil:


I get the feeling you like having the final word on things :ramsey:


Yeah I got that feeling about @Oliver too




Must. Not. Bite. :smile:


Shame. I’m quite into biting :wink:


And just like that, you’ve become my new favourite poster on the forum.


Ha thanks. You’ve always been my favourite :kissing_heart:


But… but… Only Fools and Horses? :cech:


Lynn, these are sex people!


Anyone else want to cry at the thought of being 40 and over, having wrinkles and being old. :unamused:


Not a fan… :see_no_evil:



[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:616, topic:366”]
Lynn, these are sex people!
[/quote]Don’t make the same noise as them. They’ll think you want to join in!


Some anti-immigrant person told the actor from Harold & Kumar that he doesn’t belong in 'Murica.

Actor guy set up a page to donate to Syrian refugees in the guys name and has currently raised over 200k. lol.


Great interview with an Invincible the one and only Lauren!


Lauren Bisan Etamé-Mayer, legend


When your Geordie boyfriend says “It’s going to be weird for you, playing at a ground with an atmosphere” :xhaka:


Isn’t that more of a what grinds me gear kinda post? :wilshere: