The Mighty Arsenal vs Sheik Mansour's Plaything


That is a very valid point . I personally thought Cech was slow coming off his line yesterday.
However, he did pull off one or two very good saves .
His age and speed is sadly catching him up .


Disclaimer: using your own emoji to try and pull can have varied results.



I thought that was Franck Ribery! :open_mouth:


Fuck that was savage.


I look a lot better when I’m not a skinhead and don’t have a missing front tooth. I’ll post a picture in the pics of OA members thread tomorrow to prove it.

I feel wounded.


If I remember you was drunk when you lost your tooth?


I’m very sorry JB :laughing: You’re definitely a handsome guy, it’s just…that IS Frank Ribery right? Methinks you’re having me on. Altho I did think having a Ribery emoji was somewhat random… :thinking:


No that is legitimately JB.

He got pissed one night and smashed his tooth and it just so coincided with when he had shaved his head.

Great look haha


Wasn’t he taking a dump too while making that photo?



Let’s clear some things up.

@Robin_L that is me, it is not Ribery. We really don’t look alike outside the unflattering low res emoji haha. Thanks for saying I’m handsome, if you check the pics of OA members thread you’ll see I have a bit of a baby face though.

@Cristo I was actually just on holiday in Greece eating a moussaka when my crown just randomly fell out haha. I guess over the years my dental cement just wore away, no drunken shenanigans involved at all. Uploaded the snap to FB and OA, and on one or both might have jokingly said something like “if you think I look bad you should see the other fella” lol

@PPB the toilet photo was completely separate and actually was just my hungover self trying to be funny by emulating The GFP with his almost revealing photos :grin:


Hahahahaha no idea where the drunkenness came from in my story then :joy: :joy:


That was when he had a hangover and was sitting on the toilet :arteta: