The Cunt List


Theresa May


Keith Lemon and Ant and Dec .


What’s wrong with Ant and Dec?


Apart from being a pair of talentless twats who just happen to be in the right place at the right time nothing.


Kanye West and the Kardashians, talentless fucking hacks that somehow are constantly in the media for somethng and have their own shows etc, just fuck off the face of the earth already.

Oh…nearly forgot…Honey G, she can fuck off 'n all!


Hahah, Jesus Christ.


Piers the cunt morgan


I like them :nerd_face:


Well I suppose somebody has to.


Michael Owen
people who honk at you right when the light goes green
Jordi Alba


Every defensive manager in the league


Say what you will about the man’s mental state, opinions or whatever and he may be a cunt, but this just isn’t fact.


My man Elec fighting the good fight :wink: :rosicky:


Ugh you guys are gross. Kanye is a dogshit person who makes dogshit music. I genuinely wish he died from sleep deprivation a few weeks ago.


That’s your opinion, mine is that he is hasn’t got much talent just has a big ego and thinks he is the shit…when he is reality just shit! Suppose you are gonna turn around now and tell me that the Kartrashians have talent too!


Saying Kanye is not talented because you don’t like hip hop is like saying the Beatles are not talented because you don’t like old music or batehoven was a mug because you don’t listen to classical music, Pavarotti can’t even sing etc


Yeah, compare Kanye West to the Beatles and Bate(!)hoven, pls. I’m sure he does too.


yes he can do what he does, but i just dont think he is anything THAT special…but its just my opinion, that is all and he is still definitely a cunt. To you he is a Talented cunt…to me he is just a ego driven meh type of cunt! He isn’t Honey G level bad but i just dont see his stuff as anything great.


Do you really not get my point?


I do. My point is that there is zero talent required for that particular form of “music”. Some basic bla bla laced with homophobia, misogyny and consumerism accompanied by a beat out of a computer programme and a sample of somebody else’s music and you’re all set. A trained monkey could do that.
This man, for example, has allegedly sold millions of records: