The Cunt List


i could say the same for classical music or old music or opera music and my opinion would be just as valid as yours is my point,

Your taste in music is not definitive


Olivier Giroud.

As if he fucking meant it.


Not sure if anyone has suggested this before, but 2016 goes on my cunt list.



Well he said himself it was extremely lucky but of course he meant it. What else could he have been trying to do apart from scoring?


I didn’t realise Lil Wayne’s prodigious musical talent extended to guitar playing as well, wow :open_mouth:


You’ve misunderstood the tone of my post. I mean as fucking if he scored that fucking goal.

Sky’s cameras are obviously fucked.


“batehoven was a mug because you don’t listen to classical music,”

Was his son called Master Batehoven, I wonder?


Having no boiler for over 2 weeks proper cunt… Thank fuck for hot water bottles.


Jamie Oliver, for referring to gravy as graves. “Pass the graves” :sanchez2:


The twat who filled our propane tank for our gas fireplace forgot to turn the main valve on when he’d finished. I mean, it gets fucking nippy here in Canada in the wintertime.


My radiator and insurance company.


Never knew that existed, new radiators or something? Not under home insurance? Didnt think there was anything to insure radiators over as such they dont really break as such or anything thought it would be mainly a central heating thing or something.


The radiator must have rusted through from the inside- I guess they’re the original ones so about 30 years old now and it happens apparently/…evidently. I’m insured for the damage so will get a new floor in the lounge but will have to get new radiators myself which I’ve discovered are not that cheap, especially when you need about 9 or 10 of the bastards. If only I was on benefits- I could have a massively discounted heating system and free boiler installed. Worse things happen at sea but my radiator is still a cunt and I know dealing with the insurance company will be a big hairy infected one.


The cunt who broke my bedroom window with a firework arrow.

A miracle the house didn’t burn down! The arrow landed in my curtain onto my bed lol.


That really is a case for the police, not that they would take it seriously though. Fireworks should never be aimed at windows or people etc, propelled fireworks should be aimed up only and away from obstacles, so the prick that did that surely must have been pratting around.


Talking of fireworks the cunts that fired them at us outside a pub after a certain home game…Hitting one of ours in the face(hes ok but could have been much worse) me in arm… If youve seen the vids of firework attack on the police etc… Exactly the same, war zone.


The hood behind my house is pretty bad, cunts have been setting of fireworks for about 3 weeks, they just walk around the neighborhoud with a backpack filled with arrows, crackers and mini-nukes for all I know, crazy illegal shit they buy. Anyway they walk around and try to impress their friends with crazy stunts/pranks whatever, they probably were aiming the arrows to eachother, misfired and hit my bloody window. I hope one of those cunts got hit in the face and their head exploded.

Luckily my landlord will cover the damages to my window. My insurance will take care of the curtains. So I’m okay. Thank fuck I wasn’t sleeping in my bed when the arrow came flying in.


Lol someone walk past them and put a flare in their backpack on the sneak sneak…watch them go up like a guy on the bonfire lol…sadistic but oh so satisfying!


Murder might be a bit of an overreaction as a response.


nah, not murder…just make him a little crispy, thats all! :poldi: