The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


What the fucking fuck, USA don’t qualify for the first time since 86, man that’s a fucking let down. Ehat a shocking result.


Sorry for you my 'Murican friends, I knew T&T was a difficult place to go and get a result knowing they had nothing to loose or to fight for.

But I couldn’t be happier, first time in our humble history… WE’RE INNNNNN YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

the ref gifted us the first goal but, what can you do right? Shit happens sometimes.

Rusia, here we come!!! Go Panamaaaaaaaa!!!

btw, that goal was scored by Roman Torres, he’s a frikin’ central defender!! wtf was he doing there? and being a gunner kind of reminded me of “Adams! would you believe it?!” :smile:


Congrats @LFS-forward :slight_smile:

Commiserations, Yank bros.


OMG!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So the man who is finished qualified Argentina to the WC :hipster:

Big lol to the USA! :arteta: Well-done @LFS-forward :slight_smile:


Garry triggered the Americans look at the replies :joy:

America bring nothing to the world cup so not that big a miss. Shame no Chile though


This will make Chile feel better :speak_no_evil:


27 possible combinations of results this morning, USA found the only one that eliminated them :clap:


@Aussiegooner how have you only beaten Syria 3-2?!

Anyway happy you won would much prefer Australia in the world cup than Syria.


We are a shambolic side at the moment to be honest, our sides of 2006 & 2010 would wipe the floor with our current side.



Ospina has had a pretty disastrous start to the season for club & country.


Ospina is shit


Nah, he’d end up getting Ox and Walcott French passports and benching Mbappe and Lacazette for them

Also, Messi saying ‘fuck this I’ll do it myself for club and country?’

He wins this world cup, he cements himself as the GOAT


I really want Messi to win the world cup, that would be a real sight to behold.


Twellman rant on ESPN about the USA missing the World Cup was some good viewing.


A world cup win will confirm Messi as the undisputed G.O.A.T finally


He should be undisputed GOAT regardless.


So strange to see the USA out. Used to see them at the WC.


He should, but it would be nice if he won it just to see what mental gymnastics Madridistas do to say he’s not.