The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Me too.


Wenger would win France the World Cup and give their talent freedom in attack. Win win. Deschamps benches Mbappe and Lacazette


Wenger is outdated aswell lol not much of a change.


Have to be up at 6:00-6:30 but wanna watch the Argentina/Peru games :disappointed: think I’ll have to settle for the first half


Seeded: Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Denmark
Unseeded: Northern Ireland, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Greece

Depending on how the draw falls I might put a couple of quid on all the unseeded teams to progress.


That is indeed ‘like for like’.


I think Greece will struggle whoever they draw tbh. As for the others I wouldn’t bet against it, Italy may fimd themselves in a bit of trouble if recent performances are to go by…


Wenger would at least play Mbappe and Lacazette, the best young player and striker and have a more attacking approach. Deschamps is holding an exciting team back


Yea Greece would be the team I’d be iffy about.


Wenger may put Laca and Mbappe as wings/wide players and start Giroud as CF


Ecuador 1-0 Argentina already :open_mouth:


Argentina :dizzy_face:. Still starting some attacker than plays his football in Argentina over Dybala or Icardi :joy:


Messiiii 1-1


Messsiiiiiii 2-1


God he is dragging this team with him, what a legend


No chile at 2018, fucking Pizzi he has ruined this team honestly.


Chile out as it stands, Alexis will comeback in a dire mood if this remains as it is.


James scores for Colombia, means Peru down to 6th & Chile back up to 5th as things stand :rofl:. Messi just scored his Hattrick, what a GOAT.


USA USA USA. Also Alexis will come back sooking now Chile have failed to qualify.


Summer we lose Alexis is the summer he finally gets a break? :joy: