Sutton United vs Arsenal (FA Cup)



FFS Wenger :unamused::unamused::unamused:


Wenger is a big Welbeck fan so there must be serious concerns about his fitness as being the reason Wenger isn’t playing him.


Read the replies. Fans aren’t happy hahahaha


Guess that takes Willock out too then which would be a shame. I was hoping we’d play some youth since some of these guys are sitting around 19 and will probably be needing a loan in the summer and this would have been good exposure.

You’d have to assume it was a fitness issue for Welby. I would guess if he plays 45 minutes at CF on a Sunday lunchtime and is fit enough then he’ll probably be fit enough to play 20 minutes on a Monday night. Not like the team is travelling far and he’s missing the plane.


I can see their thinking behind Welbeck to be honest. He is just coming back from a serious knee injury, can’t be risking him on a plastic pitch! Doesn’t matter if he’s trained on one, a competitive football match is a whole different ball game. Good decision IMO.


Arsenal fans think to be best tacticians, managers, scouts and financial experts. Our fanbase is full of smart men, great!!


I really wouldn’t be shocked if we were to get knocked out by these boys. It’s just fucking written in the stars :joy::joy::joy:


I think we’ll shit kick them because that is what we do. I’m going 9-0.


Nah we’ll save the “big response” for Bayern, where we’ll batter them 2-2 and announce ourselves to the world as a real force in football.



It’s not like we have bigger matches to save them for :joy:



Au revoir.

Coz he’s French.



Smooth like Gary Lineker. :wink:


This boy will show a banner against Wenger tomorrow at Sutton.

Stupid and racist. I feel pain for him and for everyone which follow a fake fan like him.


Big chance tomorrow. C’mon!


2-2 while having 14% of the possession? Impressive, indeed.


Who knows ,
Wengie has already started the lame excuses for a defeat .
The cunt just cannot come out fired up and ready to give a team a trouncing.
He’s now giving it all the possibles about the 3G pitch saying Sutton water it prior to playing and it makes the players joints heavy . What the fuck is all that about .
Useless fucker .


Nothing in that picture is racist.


Long term injury lottery anyone?