Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)


That’s about the strongest team we could put out, apart from Welbeck.
I would rather have seen Iwobi but we have a strong bench as well.


I think Holding should be playing on the Right, Mustafi Mid, Nacho on the Left, Seakol at LWB Ox at RWB and Bellerin dropped. The side that just conceded 3 goals from last week not changed…Xhaka alongside a guy who is gonna be bombing into the box the entire match doesn’t fill me with a ton of confidence but whatever. We are shit and we aren’t winning the league anyways so let’s just fucking do whatever.


Kolasinac and Monreal in a three is a disaster waiting to happen especially as judging from the last match Kolasinac gets forward and won’t be given cover.

Like some of you have said Bellerin should be dropped with OX in his spot and Kolasinac in the more familiar LWB role.


Err… our team looks really short in height. Defending set pieces os going to be a nightmare.


It’s a nightmare anyway with our shitty zonal marking…lol.


MDC opened.


So to sum up this weak ass performance.

Two more years of Arsene at the helm :facepalm:


Thanks Welbeck, just thanks! See you next season guys.



Dirty french senile baguette. He never changes.


Welbeck is utter shit, he contributes nothing about from being a willing runner…lacazette had a good goal disallowed by the fucking refs, its just one of those shitty days. Another couple of penalties we didnt get also. We are not going anywhere with this team, nor this manager if he signs another contract wenger he is an utterly selfish bastard, he is a selfish motherfucker signing this one!


Top 4 chances took a hit.

Pretty poor overall.

IF only Welbeck could finish or Ox could do something besides dribble.

Why was Walcott on? Did he even touch the ball?


Fuck sake.



what else do we expect?


No Sanchez, no Cazorla, no world class midfield signings and Ozil looks fed up.
Nice one Wenger.
You get the results you deserve from lack of investment and letting the team stagnate.


What I want to know is how do Stoke attract that calibre of players? Who the fuck wants to go to Stoke let alone live there!

Hope Alexis was watching anyway, that performance will definitely convince him of our winning mentality!


Lacazette didn’t even have one shot


Thought we dominated large parts of the game but the salient point being opposition teams only need 2 or 3 chances on average to score against us (Leicester were even more clinical) and that’s Arsenal all over for you.

I wouldn’t even describe it as a standard Stoke vs Arsenal game, as I’ve seen us play a lot worse there, but just when ARE we going to sort out this systemic defensive frailty?


So frustrating seeing how wasteful we are. We get in to so many good positions, where the final ball is piss poor. When we finally get a goal scoring chance we (and mostly Welbeck) fluff it completely. Can’t live without Alexis’ goals.

And don’t even get me started on the backline situation, two full-backs playing center back, and a right-wingback playing left-wing…The goal was shit to concede, could see straight away we started the 2nd half poorly. Slow, lacklustre and immediately conceded.

:white_check_mark: Beat Arsenal
:white_check_mark: Frustrated Wenger
:white_check_mark: Jese scored
:white_check_mark: Berahino assisted
:white_check_mark: Clean sheet

Great weekend for Stoke, fucking cunts. 17% possession and they win the day.


Here we go with english man abusing foreign players! What did your boys Welbeck and Cocklott?