Stoke vs Arsenal (PL)


errrmmmm what game were you watching he had a perfectly good goal disallowed


Wasn’t it his shot that scored and wrongfully ruled offside?


He is Walcott’s brother.


I thought Lacazette’s shot was correctly given offside, no?


gonna be all season long like this


Team didnt do enough in the end, but we could easily be sitting here having 2 or even 3 penalties given and Lacazette was onside…

Gut wrenching how bad that cunt Marriner was today…


I think so, was really marginally. No way the linesman could of actually seen it. Lucky call.


it was offside by a heel by the looks of it.


gone into another fucking season unprepared again because of that cunt wenger, wish he would go away…why can we not get fucking we need every goddamned fucking season its the same bloody thing. We know what we need but we STILL never get what we need and wenger dallies the signings when even shit clubs are getting more players and better talents than we are…hope wenger fucks off after this contract he should be snipered if his hands go anywhere near a fucking contract at arsenal again.


I just want us to get a proper DM, so many goals come from us giving away the ball in midfield and no one shielding the defence.

We’ve needed this for so long, just get someone who can pass the ball and is disciplined, they are out there…


That’s all you need tho isn’t it, it just fell in that bracket of extremely close calls that sometimes go your way and sometimes don’t

Linesman was praised for giving the call correctly when of course most of the time with the tight marginals they just hope and pray


Yep. On another day that’s an amazing finish by Lacazette which changes the game and marks our comeback win.


Classic away day flop where we

a) carve a team open at the start
b) miss opportunities
c) have a few big decisions go against us
d) concede a shit goal
e) heads drop and only create only a few gilt-edged chances after

How can we go into the season with two fucking FULL BACKS in our back three for fuck sake?! Genuinely that is shocking.


this team in all reality looks like a bunch of misfits. This is all down to Wenger, they look like strangers and it’s just mottled with mediocrity to utter fucking dross with a very very small drizzle or good to great players we are a fucking mess and I can see us only getting more disjointed and messed up the longer Wenger stays.


going into Liverpool away and then Chelsea away with full backs for defenders, midfielders who can’t pass and forwards who can’t finish feelsbadman, I hope we can get our dung together in training and bounce back at Anfield.


no chance, we can beat that fucking stoke side and stole a win at home against leceister, we are gonna open wide and take an absolute dicking!


Well my guess is that neither Mertesacker nor Koscielny are going to be regular fixtures in the team, so we must get used to various combinations of our 7 (lol) central defenders. Wenger clearly doesn’t have the answer yet as to who to play when Koscielny isn’t around.


Anyone surprised by this shit? It’s not pessimism it’s just reality.

No matter who we bring in it will always be the same under Wenger, him staying will set the club back by more than a few years.

Nothing has changed whatsoever and FA cup wins just paper over the cracks, Wenger’s unchecked ego is pure poison to this club.


Im amazed that we sold Gabriel if we dont have the necessary cover there. I wasn’t his biggest fan at all, but he was a competent player if needed and even with Kos and Per coming back into the side, we basically only have 4 CBs now and we need 3 on the pitch at a time. Surely he doesn’t count the fullbacks as CBs…


Before I get into the refs today, there were some infuriating performances out on the pitch. We should have won this going away tbh. A team that nearly got beaten last week at home to Leicester, is almost unchanged even having seen the fucking woeful performance some of these shitters put in last week. Completely on Wenger. Even having said that if we’d had the proper personnel on the field we’d have won easily. Stoke are so bad that even with the shitty players we fielded they still almost fucking gave it away, if not for the Ref saving the day.

Onto the refs. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! Mariner is a fucking cunt I can’t even come up with proper terminology to describe how much of an utter disgrace of a referee this shit head is. Two fucking penalties not given, maybe it was the assistant referees decision on the offide call but holy fuck, a very good example today of why this sport just sometimes downright sucks ass.

Having said all that we still didn’t actually deserve to win.