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It is true that with different marketing collaterals, having a simple icon makes it easy to reproduce on print, garments and digital medium, but it’s not like they have a complicated crest to begin with.

It’s an oval with black and white stripes.

I work for a firm where the icon is a nightmare. It has three different colours in it and with each medium, the color changes. :laughing:


No truth be told I prefer the old one. At the end of the day design is very subjective and a matter of opinion, nothing wrong with yours at all.

Maybe i’ve misunderstood your tone, but you are coming across as a little stroppy (petulant infact) and im not sure why, bit weird imo. But hey ho, if you feel i’m waving a white flag and if that somehow vindicates your opinion then good for you buddy. :wink:


Not complicated no but still more complicated if you’re recreating it that many times, plus it looks very much like a football team badge – which is fine, but Juve obviously want to be a “brand”. Their new badge fits that idea better I think, and will look better on non-football related items such as clothing, jewellery, bags etc


Fair point, guess it ties in with the whole issue over intellectual property. The whole issue at Arsenal only really came to a head because of being unable to copyright the previous crest, so market stall sellers from Avenell Road to Hong Kong were getting away with a lot. I think the desire to ‘modernise’ there was probably secondary to that. With the Juventus one tho, it’s just SO simple that to me it begs the question is it laziness on the part of digital platforms that it can’t handle a design with a bit more life to it. I think it really sucks if their new crest is a sign of things to come! I can imagine the 92 football league clubs all looking like Swindon Town’s or Bolton’s. Nasty :scream:

Bloody hell :laughing: I’ll let you get the last little dig in if that’s what you’re after. Agree to disagree and all that jazz.


Sorry that was rude wasnt it. Nothing personal dude.


There is an interesting article in the Independent about it. They have gone with a change before you have to stance.


That “article” is not interesting at all, I’m afraid. The author makes his assertion that Juve is “ahead of the competition”, but fails to explain why exactly.

The title alone makes me want to get out my red marker.
"Juventus’ new badge is not an excess of modern football, it’s a well-run club leaving competitors behind"
So the badge is a well-run club? How does something like this get past an editor?


It’s online journalism. If it’s anything like where I work then online articles are written and posted as fast as possible. Speed is the name of the game.


Are we really using a thread to discuss a fucking badge? It’s shit, time to move on.


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:269, topic:123, full:true”]
Are we really using a thread to discuss a fucking badge? It’s shit, time to move on.
[/quote]Surely, you should be happy Italian Football is getting talked about for once :ramsey: If there’s one thing this whole thing has done is people are talking about Juventus, so whether people like the badge or not, the marketing lot have done their job.

Personally, I think it’s been an interesting debate.


Ugh fuck off mate.

I thought this was my safe space from all this fourth place banter and now you’ve gone and fucking triggered me :laughing:


You can’t hide from faith my friend, fourth is gonna get you eventually :jakey:


Perfect start :sunglasses:


Callejon and Mertens :giroud2:
Milan so close to pull one back.
Oh fuck! Really bad defensive mistake by Napoli. 2-1 Kucka.
Napoli’s defence is a bit suspect at times. Milan are getting some space on counter.
Insigne with a wonderful free kick just off the bar.
Insigne impressing once again. He almost scored with a beautiful long range shot.
Napoli should kill the game off on counter. Milan are very unbalanced now.


Christ! Napoli are like Arsenal. They can’t kill the game off and so run the risk of fucking it up in the end.


2-1 Napoli FT. Too risky for the whole second half.


Lazio already giving it up against Juventus. Dybala and Higuain.


Lovely strike

Juve extremely calm and and organized as usual. It’s 27 (!!!) home wins in a row now. Their fans will still think Allegri is crap though :arteta:

Also nice to see Pjanic play this well. This is probably the first midfield performance of his, that I think has been impressive.


2-0 FT. Lazio just not up for it.


Six win in a row for Inter. Pioli confirms to be quite a good manager.